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Carbon Eyeglass Cleaner - Colors Case of 20

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Reviews (3.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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Very effective!

1/22/2019 by Skye

I keep my Peeps in the car, where I hate to mess with glass spray and rags. It works like a charm!


A Big Hit

1/21/2019 by Linda

I gave these as holiday gifts last year and this year, I had to order extra. The Peeps work so well that my friends put in a special request for them. Replacement carbon pads would be a nice addition. I love the Peeps.


Love it!

1/16/2019 by Elaine

Works exactly as advertised.



1/16/2019 by Jennifer

I LOVE this! They clean your glasses without streaks or smudges. I have used them for about 2 years now and they work really well. I have given them as gifts to friends an co-workers and they love them too.


Great product

1/13/2019 by Anne

I bought some of these awhile back and decided to get more, another for myself and two for Christmas presents. When I placed the order, the shipping info simply stated that two of the three peeps would be shipped separately. I thought, okay, fine, they must be coming from a different warehouse. What was not stated was that the two I had planned to give as gifts would not be shipped until weeks after Christmas, too late for gifts. I would have canceled the order had that information been shared with me.

When the two missing peeps were finally shipped, they were poorly packed, in an envelope that did not protect the packaging. The boxes were crushed, making them unusable for any gift giving.

All that said, I like the product, but clearly The Grommet is still coming up to speed in terms of its warehouse and shipping dates, shipping methods, and so on. As much as I love many of their products, I will not use The Grommet for future gift giving since it is not reliable (yet).


I need to buy more

1/10/2019 by Carol

I bought two for my husband and two for me and need to buy more, just so they would be in easy reach of wherever we are. One in each vehicle, one each beside where we sit and one each beside our bed and perhaps one in my purse. I love that they come in different colors too.



1/9/2019 by Jane

I have used moist towelettes to clean my glasses before and always fought smearing. The first time using the Peeps was surprising! My glasses were so clean and easy to use the product.



1/8/2019 by Ruth

Spectacularly cleanses your spectacles with little effort. Peeps easily slides into your pocket or purse.


Great Glass Cleaner!

1/8/2019 by Paul

Works terrific I hope it maintains its ability to clean oily spots.


effective and convenient

1/7/2019 by deb

I like this a lot because it's quick, effective and convenient. No messy spray or smudgy cloth. I plan to purchase an additional one for each car.

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The Peeps™ Story

Carbon Eyeglass Cleaner by Peeps™ | The Grommet®

Keep Lenses Clear

Get your glasses cleaner than cloths and sprays with this carbon eyeglass cleaner.

Peeps uses invisible carbon particles to repel dirt and leave your lenses crystal clear. It’s actually the same technology used by NASA to clean aboard the Space Station, because carbon helps repel dirt.

First, use the natural bristle brush to dust off any bigger particles. Then clean off oils with the two facing carbon pads—they sandwich each lens and clean it on both sides. The shape is designed to reach even dirt that builds up in nooks and crannies.

The pads are self-cleaning, too. While in the case, the
friction between the pads causes the carbon molecules to shift, creating a fresh cleaning surface each time.

Slip Peeps into your pocket and carry a high-tech cleaning station wherever you go.
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