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Carbon Eyeglass Cleaner - Colors Case of 20

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Reviews (3.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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10/29/2016 by Dorothy

The Peeps gadget only worked the first time I used it.


Doesn't work at all

10/28/2016 by Ken

This does NOT work at all! total waste of money. I'd give it a zero if possible!


good idea - short term only

10/27/2016 by kathleen and robert

this cleaner did a remarkable job the first couple of times -
after this it merely smeared the marks around - probably needs to be cleaned but how can it be cleaned??


Not worth it

10/27/2016 by Peter

These are useless on anything greasy or oily. Regular alcohol pads cut through grime better. This is especially true after cooking and frying or when working around mechanical items. Sorry I purchased 2 of them. They are not used at all.


Terrible product

10/27/2016 by Margaret

Purchased this with the intention that it would have a high-quality yhat Grommet is known for but I was disappointed in this product; It does not live up to the expectations that's promoted in the write up; so my review is that I would not recommend this product


Best I haw used to clean my glasses

10/26/2016 by Geri

My glasses are always getting smears. Everything else I have used has not worked as well as this.

Would purchase again



10/26/2016 by Michael

Did a very poor job. Simply smeared dirt. I had to use a tissue afterward to clean my lens.



10/26/2016 by Loretta J

Did not work on my reading glasses, just made them a mess & I even put my breath on them like it suggests & still they were not cleaned...


Rip Off!

10/26/2016 by Sandy P

This is a worthless product. It doesn't clean and I still need glass cleaner and a cloth.


Peeps malfunction

10/26/2016 by Peeps

Used peeps three times. Both of the pads have come off. I was looking forward to receiving the peeps but ended up being disappointed.

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The Peeps™ Story

Carbon Eyeglass Cleaner by Peeps™ | The Grommet®

Keep Lenses Clear

Get your glasses cleaner than cloths and sprays with this carbon eyeglass cleaner.

Peeps uses invisible carbon particles to repel dirt and leave your lenses crystal clear. It’s actually the same technology used by NASA to clean aboard the Space Station, because carbon helps repel dirt.

First, use the natural bristle brush to dust off any bigger particles. Then clean off oils with the two facing carbon pads—they sandwich each lens and clean it on both sides. The shape is designed to reach even dirt that builds up in nooks and crannies.

The pads are self-cleaning, too. While in the case, the
friction between the pads causes the carbon molecules to shift, creating a fresh cleaning surface each time.

Slip Peeps into your pocket and carry a high-tech cleaning station wherever you go.
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