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Not what I hoped for

1/14/2017 by Jim

Sadly this product only seems to spred the snugges across the surface of the lens. May work for others just doesn't work for me. Now it just lays wherever I left it last.


Terrible waste of money.

1/14/2017 by Robert

Smears, doesn't perform as advertised.


Product doesn't do what is claimed

1/14/2017 by Michael

These things are worthless. They don't clean anything. All they do is smudge my lenses. I'd return them but it's not worth my time. Frankly, I feel like I got taken.


Very Sad

1/13/2017 by Nancy

I thought this would be the answer to smudged glasses, NOT...does not work!!!


Fell apart in one week :(

1/13/2017 by Caitlin H

My husband loved this gift...he's a little obsessed with clean glasses at all times! He loved keeping it right in his pocket, but after about a week of using it maybe once or twice a day, one of the pads just came off. Even though it's not a high priced item, I would expect it to last more than one week. Very disappointed and will be returning it.


Not worth the money

1/13/2017 by Suzanne

I was excited to get this, but it doesn't work!. Just smeared my glasses. Got much better results with just a eyeglass-cleaning cloth. Save your money. This isn't worth the price.


I'm returning it.

1/13/2017 by Lawrence

I am returning it. My soft cloth and spray work much better when the lens is really dirty. Otherwise my cloth (an old patch of T shirt is all I need.



1/13/2017 by Bryan

I really wanted to like this product, but it's a dud for me. I can't get it to actually clean my lenses. I found it just smudges everything around.


About 75% effective

1/11/2017 by Bill

It removed some of the dirt (about 75%) but it smeared the rest. The bush missed about 25% of the grime. It is not as good as using water and sharing the water off and letting it air dry.


Does not work well at all

1/11/2017 by Chris

This product does not work as described. I bought the Peeps cleaner about a month ago and have given it plenty of chances to impress me, but it just has not. It does a great job of smearing debris and fingerprints all over the lenses, though. I get far, far superior results from the (free) microfiber cloth that comes with most eyeglasses purchases.

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The Peeps™ Story

Carbon Eyeglass Cleaner by Peeps™ | The Grommet®

Keep Lenses Clear

Get your glasses cleaner than cloths and sprays with this carbon eyeglass cleaner.

Peeps uses invisible carbon particles to repel dirt and leave your lenses crystal clear. It’s actually the same technology used by NASA to clean aboard the Space Station, because carbon helps repel dirt.

First, use the natural bristle brush to dust off any bigger particles. Then clean off oils with the two facing carbon pads—they sandwich each lens and clean it on both sides. The shape is designed to reach even dirt that builds up in nooks and crannies.

The pads are self-cleaning, too. While in the case, the
friction between the pads causes the carbon molecules to shift, creating a fresh cleaning surface each time.

Slip Peeps into your pocket and carry a high-tech cleaning station wherever you go.
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