Carbon Smartphone Cleaner With Display Case of 20

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Great product

12/28/2017 by karen

I love this cleaner. It is compact and really does clean the screens. Lots of applications and just a really good product.



12/28/2017 by Karen

We could never clean our laptops/tablets, the oil and grime just smeared around. Used this ONCE and all that grime was gone and the screen is crystal clear!


Perfect Gift

12/28/2017 by Kelly

Purchased these for my adult kids for Christmas...they both loved it!


Nothing Has Ever Worked Better

12/28/2017 by Oakley

I hate smudges on my cell phone and computer screen and am constantly trying to buff them out. This little gadget does a better job than anything I have found yet. One swipe and crystal clear! I keep one in each of the areas where I tend to use my phone, one by the computer, and one in my purse. They are light, plastic and rather expensive, but I think they are worth every penny.


Wonderful product

12/12/2017 by Cathy

I seem to have a lot of fingerprints on my phone. This product makes cleaning them possible.


Really works

12/12/2017 by TH

I wasn't sure how well it would work but it actually takes everything off. I used it on an Iphone and Kindle Fire's with a lot of Kid use. It took a little more work to get theirs clean but it did it. I definitely recommend this and I bought 3 more as gifts!!


Screens Sparkle

12/5/2017 by Oakley

I have always preferred buttons to touch screens and one of the reasons is the constant smearing. This little gadget cleans my smartphone better than anything I have tried to date -- I get a sparkle in just one pass. I have several, kept in all the areas where I use my phone or Kindle, and one by the computer, and one in my purse. They are pricey, but I think, well worth it.


Love a clean phone screen...

11/26/2017 by Karen

... and this really does it!



11/19/2017 by Linda

Works well on many electronics. Well worth the money.



10/31/2017 by joni

This cleans my Ipad and Iphone very well. I am going to try it on my glasses. I love the simple concept. The price is great. Very nice!

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The SmartKlear Story

SmartKlear | Carbon Smartphone Cleaner

Clean Screen

Watch your screen become squeaky clean with this simple smartphone cleaner.

SmartKlear’s carbon cleaning technology is actually used by NASA in their space station. After you’ve swiped the pad across the screen a few times, your screen will be clear. Then, when you replace the pad into the holder, the friction between it and the pad in the cap causes the carbon molecules to shift—giving a fresh cleaning surface every time.

Needless to say, we use and take our phones everywhere. All that travel and touching makes them a breeding ground for bacteria. SmartKlear’s all natural antibacterial
formula will get rid of your phone’s sneaky biosphere.

Keep this device handy in your pocket or let it be a permanent resident in your backpack. If it’s good enough for space shuttles, it’s good enough for your screen.
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