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Carbon Smartphone Cleaner With Display Case of 20

Reviews (4.2 out of 5 Grommets)

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Best screen cleaner EVER

6/25/2019 by Isabel

I love this cleaner. It fits in my work bag (laptop bag, purse, etc) perfectly and isn't bulky or messy like other cleaners I've tried. I was on vacation recently with family and everyone (even strangers in the airport/around town) wanted to know where I got it!


Very good Thanks

6/23/2019 by sam

Works for me great



5/15/2019 by Patricia

Cleans my phone in a jif!!


Great Product

4/20/2019 by Mike

This is the 2nd time I have ordered this item. I ended up giving away the 2 I ordered the first time to family members. This is a simple way to keep your smartphones smudeg-free, and it works GREAT!!!


Great product

3/28/2019 by Kathy

This cleans my phone’screen quickly and well. Thanks!


Everyone wants this!

3/8/2019 by Anne

I love this but the best thing about it are the reactions of other people when they see it. Everyone who sees it wants one.



3/5/2019 by Nancy

It does exactly what you expect it to do. It easily comes out and cleans your device screen beautifully and then pops back into it's little top. It's perfect to fit in a desk drawer or purse does a no-streak job. Love it.


Quite Good at Cleaning

3/3/2019 by Gary

This does a great job of cleaning off smudges and dust (much better than the little roller I also bought from The Grommet).
I was tempted by the one with a refillable liquid - as this does not get off "spatters" - but a little distilled water does the trick.


This is great

2/27/2019 by Mary

Cleans your screen just like the picture shows. I have tried so many things to clean with and this is so far the best.



2/25/2019 by Julie

Worked great on our cellphones and iPads.

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The SmartKlear Story

SmartKlear | Carbon Smartphone Cleaner

Clean Screen

Watch your screen become squeaky clean with this simple smartphone cleaner.

SmartKlear’s carbon cleaning technology is actually used by NASA in their space station. After you’ve swiped the pad across the screen a few times, your screen will be clear. Then, when you replace the pad into the holder, the friction between it and the pad in the cap causes the carbon molecules to shift—giving a fresh cleaning surface every time.

Needless to say, we use and take our phones everywhere. All that travel and touching makes them a breeding ground for bacteria. SmartKlear’s all natural antibacterial
formula will get rid of your phone’s sneaky biosphere.

Keep this device handy in your pocket or let it be a permanent resident in your backpack. If it’s good enough for space shuttles, it’s good enough for your screen.
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