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Carbon Smartphone Cleaner With Display Case of 20

Reviews (4.2 out of 5 Grommets)

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Disappointed: Does not remove grease

7/5/2019 by Donna L

Had hoped this would removed greasy fingerprints from glass on cellphone screen, but it doesn't work any better than a regular cloth.



6/26/2019 by Kennie

I am totally disappointed in these, and I ordered 4 of them to give as gifts. Now I don’t want to give them as a gift because they don’t work. I’ve tried using them in all directions but it does not clean my screen in any way, shape or form



6/4/2019 by Nancy

This product is a waste of money. After the first use it just smeared the glass. Better off using a tissue!!



5/19/2019 by Randy

Was excited to try this screen cleaner based on all the positive reviews. It's worthless. Just spreads and smears the finger print grease around without removing it. Does not perform as shown in the pictures even after multiple swipes - not even close. Tried it on different iPad and iPhone screens with and without screen protectors. Worthless. After only a few uses the cleaning pad is already looking dirty and worn but the fingerprints and smears remain on all my devices. Grab the old microfiber cloth and give them a wipe and my screens look brand new. After trying this SmartKlear cleaner with such bad results, I couldn't understand why it got such great reviews. Then I realized the reviews are sorted by positive reviews on top (all the many, many bad reviews follow). This thing is totally worthless.



3/3/2019 by Bernie

Does NOT work as advertised.


Save $14.95

2/27/2019 by Alexandra

Doesn't work any better, indeed is worse, than microcloth; it just pushes smears around.


Not worth the money

2/13/2019 by Cynthia

This doesn’t really work. My iPad still has smudges all over it and the pad falls off continually. So I would never buy this again.


Won't work with screen protector

11/27/2018 by Michele

I have a screen protector on my tablet and, even though, the Q&As said it would still work, it didn't work for me. It didn't clean at all. So, I returned it.


Great idea but disappointed

11/24/2018 by Debbie

Bought 3 as gifts. Tried it on iPhone and iPad left a smudged look. Microfiber cloth works better. Would not recommend.



10/24/2018 by COL A R

This device hasn't worked for me yet, but I am not troubled by the things it is supposed to clean, i.e., fingerprints and skin oil. Perhaps I expected it to clean everything off the face of my mobile fone and it does not do that at all well...

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The SmartKlear Story

SmartKlear | Carbon Smartphone Cleaner

Clean Screen

Watch your screen become squeaky clean with this simple smartphone cleaner.

SmartKlear’s carbon cleaning technology is actually used by NASA in their space station. After you’ve swiped the pad across the screen a few times, your screen will be clear. Then, when you replace the pad into the holder, the friction between it and the pad in the cap causes the carbon molecules to shift—giving a fresh cleaning surface every time.

Needless to say, we use and take our phones everywhere. All that travel and touching makes them a breeding ground for bacteria. SmartKlear’s all natural antibacterial
formula will get rid of your phone’s sneaky biosphere.

Keep this device handy in your pocket or let it be a permanent resident in your backpack. If it’s good enough for space shuttles, it’s good enough for your screen.
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