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Great Quality. Well designed.

10/19/2020 by Steve

The Cargo works great, holds up well to large dog toenails. I got the size recommended for a Ford Escape and it fits fine. The sewn in corners work well, forming a "Box" that keeps dog hair and debris from getting out.


Excellent Timesaver

9/30/2020 by John B

This works perfectly to protect my Honda CRV from leaking bags of dirt, gravel, fertilizer and what have you, when making those numerous trips to the big box store and greenhouse. The built-in-cord system works like a champ to hold up the sides of the tarp during loading and unloading. I used to use a plain tarp but inevitably the sides would fall over and otherwise get in the way. All too often spilled contents would get out the sides and it would be one more stain to try to get out of the carpet. No more. Very well designed item that folds up into a convenient little bundle. Great design. Super product.



8/7/2020 by Don

Great idea. I have a Pacifica, and fits the area when all seats are stowed, or can be used when only 3rd row is stowed. Since it folds so flat, I keep in in the car, and when done, spread it out in driveway, hose it off, fold it up and ready for next time.
The Suction cups to hold up sides are great. contains the mess and saves marriages.....


Move-it without the mess!

11/16/2019 by Kathleen

We used our CarGo Apron today for moving dusty basement boxes. The car was unscathed! It made the load orderly and neat and kept the car clean! Terrific!



5/23/2019 by Lisamarie

I purchased this for my 2014 Mini Cooper Pacemen. I use my car like a truck sometimes-well most of the time. Transporting: wet dogs, scrubs, wood, camping gear; you name it, it's probably been in the back of my car. With the back seats folded down, this fits perfectly!! Now NO MORE Mess!


complete protection of my whole cargo area.

5/14/2019 by Margaret

I put plants, fertilizer, bricks, some boulders, and rail road ties (not all at once) and no harm to my carpet! No scrapes on the sides. Wish I had this when my car was new. next time I will be ready......


Saving my life ;)

4/7/2019 by Tracy

After my husband read the directions, sigh, it went in perfectly! I transport two high school baseball players' equipment 6 days a week, and it has been a a muddy spring! Looking forward to putting plants an soil in too!


Perfect for beach-goers!

2/14/2019 by Lisa

Bought this for the in-laws and their new Toyota Highlander. They spend at least 4 days a week at the beach and this was the PERFECT gift for them. They love it!


Great when you need to use your car as a pickup.

2/13/2019 by Judy

Fits great and saves so much time cleaning the car. We use it to transport the animals to the vet.



12/29/2018 by marta

I have a carpeted cargo area that I was constantly having to shampoo the carpet from carrying plants and home improvement items and recycling.This item means no more carpet shampooing for me!

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The CarGo Apron Story

Trunk Liner

When we first saw this trunk liner, we immediately came up with a million and one ways we would use it. Whether you’re carting dirty dogs, sandy beach chairs, bags of mulch, muddy bikes and much more, CarGo Apron keeps your trunk fully protected.

There are sizes that fit just about any hatchback car and SUV. The liner is made from an ultra-durable tear-proof and waterproof material that covers the entire space—like up the sides and the back of the seats, not just the floor. There’s a lip that shields the bumper, too.

Maker Chip McAuliffe had a new SUV he was trying to keep nice and clean,
despite the dirty jobs he needed to do. He created CarGo Apron to act as a protective layer that fits kind of like a box inside a trunk. A suspension hanging system makes the liner easy to install, and just as easy to roll up and stow away when the dirty work is done. Read More Read Less