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fits perfect

11/4/2018 by James

love this Car apron.


Good coverage and easy to use, clean and store.

10/18/2018 by KAREN

Keeping the bed of our Expedition clean has been difficult until we bought the CarGo Apron. It gives good coverage and is easy to use, clean, and store.


Gets the job done

10/8/2018 by Julia

works as described. The suction cups on side work very well.



10/2/2018 by Naomi

It fits and is a lifesaver when transporting plants and groceries, and when going to the beach.


Cargo Apron

10/1/2018 by Mark

I pickup the large version for my MiniVan, It fit perfect and now carrying bags of cider and sand is easy to clean out. Had a bicycle ride this past weekend and it rained with mud, dirt bike alway mean cleaning the van out (sweeping and vacuuming) to get it back to be clean for the week work.


Just what I have been looking for!

9/24/2018 by John

I love this product! It goes on quickly and can be taken down as easily. It works great! Saves my back seats!


Great problem solver

3/5/2020 by MadJD

I have used two CargoAprons (two sizes for three different vehicles of my own and two rentals) and have been really impressed with the durability and containment qualities of this product.

The tarp material used is high quality, not easily torn or worn through like cheaper tarps...with my first CargoApron, this lived full time in my vehicle for over 2 years, with wire dog crates frequently loaded/unloaded (adding to wear and tear) plus the inevitable sand, grit and dog hair that comes along with active travels with dogs. The only reason I gave it up was because I needed a larger size with a vehicle change. I ended up giving mine to someone with a same-size vehicle and it's still going strong.

The other unmentioned quality about this product is its ability to corral dog hair/undercoat. Twice I've used this product as a liner in rental vehicles when I needed to travel with my dogs. The rental agency knew about the dogs (not all will allow pets in rentals), and their policy was that if they needed to detail the vehicle upon return ($150) because of dog hair, I'd be on the hook for that cost. In both cases, the CargoApron made only a cursory vacuuming necessary, and they were both black interior vehicles that would showcase the light fawn coat of my dogs.

My deduction of one star is for the suction cups, which are so wimpy it's hardly worth bothering with them (or only use to briefly support sides when filling the vehicle...because as soon as any of the load shifts, they'll slip off the windows). The headrest loops work pretty well, and the construction of the sides is such that they stand up fairly well on their own for loading purposes, but if you need to slide something heavy in, you can run into challenges if you don't have a second set of hands to spot the sides.


Works well

10/31/2019 by Angela

Keeps the car clean when my husband transports aged horse manure for fertilizer. The suction cups that hold it in place work okay, but sometimes come loose.


Works great

12/28/2018 by Nancy

Works great


It's Pretty Easy to Use

4/21/2020 by Steve

Getting it into place is a little finicky, and its sides don't come up quite far enough in my vehicle, but it does the job and keeps things clean.
It folds up quite small, and stows away easily too.
I shall eventually also have to buy the next larger size, for when the rear seats are laying flat.

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The CarGo Apron Story

Trunk Liner

When we first saw this trunk liner, we immediately came up with a million and one ways we would use it. Whether you’re carting dirty dogs, sandy beach chairs, bags of mulch, muddy bikes and much more, CarGo Apron keeps your trunk fully protected.

There are sizes that fit just about any hatchback car and SUV. The liner is made from an ultra-durable tear-proof and waterproof material that covers the entire space—like up the sides and the back of the seats, not just the floor. There’s a lip that shields the bumper, too.

Maker Chip McAuliffe had a new SUV he was trying to keep nice and clean,
despite the dirty jobs he needed to do. He created CarGo Apron to act as a protective layer that fits kind of like a box inside a trunk. A suspension hanging system makes the liner easy to install, and just as easy to roll up and stow away when the dirty work is done. Read More Read Less