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USB Charging Station Case of 6

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Reviews (4.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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Excellent charging accessory!

11/2/2018 by Jeff

Great product!


Really like this

10/30/2018 by Sharon

I work in an office and the sales ipads always are dying, this little gadget has been a life saver


very handy ..

10/19/2018 by Loren

very easy to use


Charge hub great space saver

10/7/2018 by Robert

Great product. Bought the 7 port. Great! I can charge all my devices at once!


This is Fantastic

9/6/2018 by James

This little thing is a Godsend; it's not only a power booster, but it's small and lightweight and I can bring it to whatever home I'm going to and have them plug in their USB things and show them how it works.


Night light great for traveling

8/28/2018 by Ceecy

I took this on vacation with my extended family for a week at the shore. We had two suites, but everyone seemed to cluster in ours, and having this hub (and several extra cables) was fabulous. Every time I checked there seemed to be a different combination of phones, tablets, and games plugged in. When night fell, it was a great nightlight for us in a strange place as well. Highly recommend.



8/24/2018 by Sheila

Now I can charge everything in one convenient spot. Plus I got the red, easy to see.


Cleaned up my nightstand and simplifies traveling with electronics

8/21/2018 by Cheri

Someone must have designed the ChargeHub with me in mind. Every night, I have at least 3 devices charging on my nightstand (usually my cell phone, iPad mini, and a Nintendo 2DS XL, but sometimes a flashlight, power bank, etc). And when I travel, which I do somewhat often, those things go with me. This compact charging station has cleaned up my nightstand by eliminating all the long cords and their separate chargers--plus, when I travel, all I have to pack is my 3-port ChargeHub and the short cables that work perfectly with it. I no longer need the clunky chargers, long cables, or extension cords that I'd sometimes have stretched all around motel rooms with insufficient outlets or USB ports. The ChargeHub is definitely one of my favorite Grommets.


Best tool ever!

7/26/2018 by Cathy

We use this every day and even take it with us when we travel. Love it!



7/26/2018 by Alice

Fast charger- very convenient! Very happy with product!

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The ChargeHub Story

ChargeHub - Universal Charging Station

Cord Keeper

Get your cords in order with ChargeHub™, a one stop charger that powers up to seven electronic devices simultaneously, at full speed, with just one plug. Perfect for families or anyone with multiple devices, the cross functional USB ports can fuel phones, cameras, and tablets.

ChargeHub is created by Rock Smeja and his family. Rock is a third generation roofing and sheet metal contractor and entrepreneur from Illinois. His company, Limitless Innovations, specializes in developing technology accessories that are innovative and efficient.

This universal docking station is their first
product. It eliminates the need for cables, wires, and power strips for a less cluttered, more organized space. Enabled with “Smart Speed” technology, ChargeHub can individually calibrate energy needs for each device. A blue LED light indicates power and function, while providing a soft underglow so you can see it in the dark. Read More Read Less