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8/10/2016 by Margaret

I thought it was a great idea having all devices connected to one outlet. Had an opportunity to connect my Samsung S5 phone this past weekend while visiting family. It took all day and then some to charge. When I purchased this item, I was led to believe it would charge this phone and other devices. The phone was the only device charging. This long charging time is not convenient therefore my disappointment.

I gave it two stars for the design.


needs additional iphone cord

12/4/2015 by D

Wish it had come with another charging cord for Iphone. I think the cost of that would have been minimal, probably less than .40 cents each when purchased in volume from a manufacturer. That way the hub and cord are all together, one would only need to bring your device. We have cords in cars, cords at work, cords inconveniently located basically.
The hub itself is great, but of little value when a device cannot be plugged in.



7/6/2015 by norman

It will not charge my Asus Transformer TF300T Tablet.
Very disappointed.


Not what I thought.

3/25/2015 by Betty

I don't think it simultaneously loads my stuff. I can take my iPhone off the charger and in less than five minutes it says I have less than 10%. I bought the charger so I wouldn't have this problem.



3/22/2015 by Clinton

two problems. 1. you cant completely turn off the blue light so it sucks if its by the bedside table. 2. if nothing is actively charging, it hums. maybe I'm a light sleeper...


Doesn't work with Galaxy S5

2/17/2015 by Dave

Beware: The ChargeHub does not work with a Samsung galaxy S5. I have tried several cables without success.

Otherwise, the device does what is advertised. Makes for a neater way to charge multiple devices.


Short of Wonderful

2/1/2015 by Philip

The ChargeHub is certainly attractive and given the proliferation of USB charging as either an option or the preferred method it makes great sense to own a multiple device USB charger.
That said for some items like my Samsung Galaxy S5 the charge hub will simply not work using the USB cable that comes with the phone. Fortunately ChargeHub comes with a micro cable that does work but it is quite weeny in length and awkward to use.
Just to confirm I'm not a committed whiner the Samsung cable works fine charging the phone off my Mac and pretty much anything other than the ChargeHub.


Want to love it but...

12/10/2014 by Paula

We really wanted to love this product but we just don't. Of the three things we bought it to charge it will only actually charge one. We had a Nook reader plugged into and was charging fine for a while but now will no longer charge it. We can't use the charger for our Galaxy S5 but went back and read about this later and found out that was our error. However, I thought we were supposed to be able to use the included cable to charge the phone but it doesn't work. May still be an error in our understanding but bottom line is expensive product to do what we need it to do.



12/4/2014 by Ella

Have to additionally purchase their charge cords - like I don't already have cords for my apparatuses. Very disappointed in that aspect.


Slow charging

2/13/2019 by Deb

It looks great when it glows. However, it charges really slow. It takes all day to charge. Don’t buy if you want a fast charge.

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The ChargeHub Story

ChargeHub - Universal Charging Station

Cord Keeper

Get your cords in order with ChargeHub™, a one stop charger that powers up to seven electronic devices simultaneously, at full speed, with just one plug. Perfect for families or anyone with multiple devices, the cross functional USB ports can fuel phones, cameras, and tablets.

ChargeHub is created by Rock Smeja and his family. Rock is a third generation roofing and sheet metal contractor and entrepreneur from Illinois. His company, Limitless Innovations, specializes in developing technology accessories that are innovative and efficient.

This universal docking station is their first
product. It eliminates the need for cables, wires, and power strips for a less cluttered, more organized space. Enabled with “Smart Speed” technology, ChargeHub can individually calibrate energy needs for each device. A blue LED light indicates power and function, while providing a soft underglow so you can see it in the dark. Read More Read Less