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My Favorite Gift

7/25/2018 by Cheryl

This is so handy to have for multiple devises and has become my favorite gift to give to family. Works great for traveling so that you don't have to search for outlets in your room.


Works great

6/4/2018 by Joanie

Simple and useful.



5/16/2018 by Ruth



Neat charging Station

5/16/2018 by Elaine

Love this charging station. Keep the cords from getting all tangled up


love this

5/16/2018 by Lynne

I now have a handy power station for all my devices. doesn't take a lot of room and works great!



4/3/2018 by Ruth

It works great, so fast!! I just love it!!


Great idea

1/16/2018 by James

It’s nice having my devices near me while they charge. Before they were in a different room. Too easy to miss calls.



12/28/2017 by Nancy

I was disappointed that it would not charge my phone. Since I only have a tablet, there is no need for a multiple hub. Had it also charged my phone I would have been delighted with it. It wasn't clear to me that the Apple product was excluded until I later purchased the short cords. Which I didn't realize I would need with the hub. By then it was too late to return the hub. I gave it away.


Easy charging

12/4/2017 by Lynda

Love being able to charge multiple devices at the same time without needing extra plugs/outlets. I have the 5-usb hub and love it. I bought two and am giving the other one away as a gift.


I love this Charging Station

10/26/2017 by Astara

No hunting for a spot. Convenient for all devices and good size and appearance.

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The ChargeHub Story

ChargeHub - Universal Charging Station

Cord Keeper

Get your cords in order with ChargeHub™, a one stop charger that powers up to seven electronic devices simultaneously, at full speed, with just one plug. Perfect for families or anyone with multiple devices, the cross functional USB ports can fuel phones, cameras, and tablets.

ChargeHub is created by Rock Smeja and his family. Rock is a third generation roofing and sheet metal contractor and entrepreneur from Illinois. His company, Limitless Innovations, specializes in developing technology accessories that are innovative and efficient.

This universal docking station is their first
product. It eliminates the need for cables, wires, and power strips for a less cluttered, more organized space. Enabled with “Smart Speed” technology, ChargeHub can individually calibrate energy needs for each device. A blue LED light indicates power and function, while providing a soft underglow so you can see it in the dark. Read More Read Less