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Miracle Stain Remover

11/12/2016 by Julianne

This is a great product! I had a shirt with a large red wine stain. I sprayed the stain remover on the shirt hoping it would at least fade the stain. I was pleasantly surprised. It removed the stain instantly!!! I would definitely buy this product again. It worked great! There was not even a ring of where the stain had been.


Worked Amazing

10/20/2016 by keri

We spilled bitters on our counter and it sat there for 24 hours. My wife said "it stained the counter!" I came to the rescue with the stain remover and in 3 seconds it was gone. I'm a hero thanks to this product.


It works!

2/23/2016 by Gigi

It works, it really, really works!!!


great idea

2/11/2016 by Irwin

this stain remover really works, also blood and other red spills


Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover

2/4/2016 by Lynn

I highly recommend this product to everyone.
It really works and you receive two bottle for such a reasonable price.
Five star product.


It works

1/20/2016 by Peter

Reviewed it yesterday. It actually works, even on unfinished pine.


Super stain remover!

1/20/2016 by Linda

Love this product! I had an unknown stain on a pair of khaki pants that had been treated with several products and then laundered. It did not come out so I tried Chateau Spill on them and voila.....the stain came out! Happy that I bought 3 bottles.


It works

1/19/2016 by Peter

I bought it just hoping it might work. I was very please when it worked! It even took a week old red wine stain out of unfinished pine - that's correct, wood.



1/19/2016 by Barbara

Worked like a charm!


I need a bigger bottle.

1/18/2016 by Francie

This stuff is amazing!

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The Hate Stains Co. Story

No more crying over spilled wine.

Vanishing Act

Playfully packaged in a wine bottle-inspired sprayer, Château Spill is an all-natural way to remove the toughest stains, like red wine, berries, and more.

The pH neutral formula contains only 100% biodegradable surfactants—no peroxide, chlorine, or phosphates. Founder Harry Smail created it to work on heavy tannins, which includes beets, pomegranates, grass, and blood.

Made in Austin, TX, Château Spill works best on fresh stains before they’ve had a chance to set. Use it on washable, colorfast fabrics and it immediately starts breaking down the stain-forming pigment at the cellular level.

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