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Classic Leather Wallet - Made in the USA

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Fantastic Wallet

7/25/2020 by Jacqueline

Gave this wallet to my husband and he said "Where has this been all my life"! He said it is fantastic and wished he had gotten one sooner. Planning on giving these wallets to our three sons, I'm sure they will love these wallets too!


Very Clever

7/25/2020 by BJinWA

I bought this as a gift for a relative. He is so pleased with the slick and thin profile and is still amazed at the curved edge that fits the front pocket perfectly.
Excellent gift!


Love This Wallet!!!!

7/21/2020 by Wayne

Been using this wallet for several years and it's the best!
Several friends have purchased and love it also!!!


Less back pain, due to WALLET!

7/20/2020 by Chris

So we got this wallet for my husband, Chris, after he started removing his old wallet from his back pocket constantly due to back pain, including in the car, where it almost got permanently dispatched to the street upon exiting the car! It has been a few months now, he has no trouble keeping it on his person for safety and it is comfortable in the front pocket!! Perfect for him, hope this helps others with similar issues :)


My husband loves it, he likes the shape because it fits perfectly in his front pocket.

7/20/2020 by Marisol

Fits perfectly in front pocket, it’s the third one we buy. Will be buying more for Christmas.


Husband loves it!

7/20/2020 by Theresa

Nicely made. Fits in the front pocket as advertised. Good present.


Husband Loves It

5/5/2020 by Barbara

This wallet is much safer than the type that goes in the back pocket of men's slacks. My husband loves his. And I love not seeing a bulge in his back pocket. It doesn't hold a lot of cards, but that's a good thing. It keeps the size down and makes you prioritize what you really need to carry.


Husbands favorite gift...always showing it off!

5/4/2020 by Julie

Love the Grommet


Useful gift

2/5/2020 by Carol

Bought this for my husband because he always puts 1 credit card, license and some bills in his front pocket, which is how he lost the credit card! I didn't know they made this until browsing on the Grommet site. He's used it everyday since receiving it.


Big Improvement

1/10/2020 by Tom

I absolutely hate walking around with a hip-pocket wallet, even though I have done so for years. This is a snug, compact, remarkable convenience which offers additional protection from credit card data theft. I absolutely love it!

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The Rogue Industries Story

Curved to Fit

It was doctor’s orders that Rogue Industries Michael Lyons carry his wallet in a front pocket. Turns out, by carrying it in a back pocket Michael was causing his own back aches. The switch up front did the trick, but because most wallets are square or rectangle, they didn’t fit as well as they could. Now along with his son Wells, Michael makes curved wallets to fit easily into front pockets.

The front-pocket and any-pocket card wallets are carefully crafted in Maine with American leather like cow, bison, and even moose to wear well over time. And these are the perfect fit when it comes to
balancing quality, durability, and comfort. Read More Read Less