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Clear nose

1/31/2017 by Joyce

This comes in a small glass bottle with a roller ball applicator. It works well to clear up my contested nose.


Great Natural Relief

1/13/2017 by Catherine

This bottle looks small, but it provides
BIG relief. The relief comes gradually - in a natural way. Suddenly you realize that you are breathing through your nose. The effects last for a long time, and when they do fade, you can easily apply again.
All of my sinus suffering friends received a roll on for their holiday present. They were surprised, but saw its value as soon as they used it.


Great aromatherapy

12/20/2016 by Roma

Really love the fragrance of this herbal roll on oil. The roll on oil is gr8 to put in my purse and carry with me for on the road needs. I bought 5, one for each member of my family for CHRISTmas. I just know they are going to love it. Gr8 product from a gr8 vendor. They will def get more of my business.


Very convenient

12/7/2016 by Meri

This is a small, lip gloss sized tube that can be carried easily in your pocket. I don't roll it under my nose - I roll it on the side of my clean index finger and use that to daub under my nose (I don't want to get makeup or snot on the roller ball). It really clears my head, and since it is on my skin, I can keep sniffing it for a few minutes.


Great aromatherapy

12/7/2016 by Roma

All of my family have allergies at some point in time during the year. What better way to help them open their nasal passages without oral medication or nose strips. This stuff smells so good and opens up the nasal passages so easily. I love that I can roll this on top of my hand and during the night still inhale it's properties for opening you up. Really gr8 way to "carry" your relief with you. I got one for my, my hubby and all of my daughters. Great stocking stuffer!


Love it

11/24/2016 by Lisa

Works great!! Love having it in my pocket at work!


Great product

10/26/2016 by Denise

I roll it on my nose and it clears up almost instantly.



10/12/2016 by Robin

I battle with allergies most of the year and am always looking for alternatives to the prescriptions I take. This is wonderful!!! It stops my nose from continually running. Will definitely order again.

Robin P
Springfield, Oregon


Good stuff also

7/27/2016 by Sandra

I bought this for my family and they use it and like it alot.


I Can Breath Again

7/5/2016 by Laverne

This is a great natural remedy for stuffy noses and minor sinus issues. I recently realized that my sense of smell had greatly diminished. I'm not one to buy a lot of over the counter medications; especially those that cure multiple symptoms. They usually leave me feeling really groggy and with little to no relief. This herbal inhalation is awesome. With a little swipe under my nose, I can breath again for hours on end. Thank you for this great, natural remedy. I'm most grateful.

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The Clear My Head Story

Stuffy? Sniff this.

Soothe Sinuses

Plants clean the air. But they just might be able to clear your head, too. Made with herbs and essential oils hand chosen by aromatherapist Brenda Stansfield, Clear My Head is an all-natural remedy for stuffy noses and other sinus symptoms.

Inhaling just above the jar, you’ll get an invigorating scent of eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, and other oils like ravensara—a Madagascan oil heralded locally as a cure-all. Or make a steam tent over a bowl of hot water from the tap and some of the botanical blend. Whichever method works for you, it’s more refreshing and refined than smearing on a
petroleum-based rub.

Arriving in Dayton, Ohio from her native Florida, Brenda learned that it’s not called “Sinus Valley” for nothing. Her volunteer job in an arboretum sparked an interest in the healing properties of scents. Now as a certified clinical aromatherapist, she harnesses the power of plants for health.

Brenda makes Clear My Head in small batches to ensure freshness, and packages each jar with a seashell (a reminder of her childhood in the Sunshine State) for scooping.
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