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Heady bath salts

9/20/2020 by mary

Pleasant eucalyptus scent, a nice treat, a little pricey though.


Clears your head

7/20/2020 by Gina

I love how easy these are to use. Just drop it on the floor of your shower and start inhaling an herbal steam that clears out funny sinuses for hours. Great to use before bed so you sleep better.


Special bath salts

6/13/2020 by mary

I received these as a gift first, then started buying them as a special treat for myself. They’re a little pricey, but very nice as a treat.


Clear My Head

5/3/2020 by Deletora

Love it really clear my head and it doesn’t de solve right away, the vapor smell made me relax and clear the pressure in my sinus. I really love it.


Clear head

2/18/2019 by Eleanor

Works good.i have told a friend about it.


Clear my head

2/16/2019 by Sandy

It does word good ,only it doesn’t last more than 1 shower each.


Soothing and softening

1/31/2019 by Jeanie

My husband was a sweetheart and bought these for me because I'm a big fan of the jar. These didn't disappoint. I thought they were a bit small at first, but oh boy - drop them in my bath and the scent was perfect - not too light, not too strong. Perfect way to relax after my stressful day. My skin felt so soft after too - not greasy, oily or dry. I'm going to ask for more the next time he orders from the Grommet.


Great Gift

11/23/2019 by Catherine

I gave these as a gift and was told they would have probably been stronger in the bath rather than the shower where they were used. Overall, I think they helped and I’m glad I ordered them.


Eucalyptus can you go wrong?

6/27/2019 by renee

works well...very soothing vapors emitted whether in shower or tub. Dissipates more quickly than I'd like, though.


Not as strong as I would like

10/31/2019 by Connie

Good product but needs to be used in small space.

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The Clear My Head Story

Stuffy? Sniff this.

Soothe Sinuses

Plants clean the air. But they just might be able to clear your head, too. Made with herbs and essential oils hand chosen by aromatherapist Brenda Stansfield, Clear My Head is an all-natural remedy for stuffy noses and other sinus symptoms.

Inhaling just above the jar, you’ll get an invigorating scent of eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, and other oils like ravensara—a Madagascan oil heralded locally as a cure-all. Or make a steam tent over a bowl of hot water from the tap and some of the botanical blend. Whichever method works for you, it’s more refreshing and refined than smearing on a
petroleum-based rub.

Arriving in Dayton, Ohio from her native Florida, Brenda learned that it’s not called “Sinus Valley” for nothing. Her volunteer job in an arboretum sparked an interest in the healing properties of scents. Now as a certified clinical aromatherapist, she harnesses the power of plants for health.

Brenda makes Clear My Head in small batches to ensure freshness, and packages each jar with a seashell (a reminder of her childhood in the Sunshine State) for scooping.
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