Best Seller Kit (6 Black, 3 Blue, 3 Red) With PDQ Case of 12

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6/30/2017 by Michael

Works great. Easy to switch over. Reliable. Looks cool. Everyone asks me about it. I used to get crap from people because they would hear me walk around. Not anymore. Easy to pick a key too.



6/19/2017 by Heather

We absolutely love our key organizer we got an extra for ourselves and one for our dads this time ! No jingle jangle and way less bulky.


KeySmart is smart

6/16/2017 by Gregory

This is the fourth KeySmart I've bought. One for each motorcycle and one for my car. It fits in my pocket just right. No bulging key ring for me.


Gift was a hit

6/14/2017 by Alexandra

Gave it as a gift to my adult son. He is obsessed with it, spent all afternoon flicking keys in and out of it until his wife had to take it away from him :-)


Love it

6/8/2017 by Regina

Love it use it all the time!


Handy product

5/22/2017 by SC

The KeySmart system keeps my keys in a neat and easy to carry "pocket knife" kind of format. It eliminates getting jabbed by keys in my pockets and is very handy. My only caveat is that it will add just a little bit of time to unlock your house door when you've got groceries in hand.



7/20/2020 by Kathryn

took a bit to figure out how I wanted my keys organized.


For Myself

8/27/2018 by Brenda

I like it! You can’t fit fat keys or ones with any kind of “topper” on it, but for your average keys, it works great. And you can still hang the bigger unwieldy ones off it.



8/26/2018 by Cherylann

Purchased as a gift for my brother-in-law and he loves it!


No jingles

7/22/2018 by Cynthia

Shipped quickly and my sweetie likes his keys organized.

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The KeySmart Story

Keysmart update v3

Keyed Up

KeySmart Maker Michael Tunney wants the things we carry each day to work better for us. He started with keys, creating a slim organizer that minimized the bulk and jingle of traditional keychains. He continues to build his problem-solving business, evolving over the years to include commuter accessories that dial up function without taking up more space, and cleaning and sanitizing solutions to help keep people safer.