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Keysmart Keychain

4/1/2018 by Jack

I like having my keys in a controlled manner and the keysmart keychain does just that. The only thing I have a concern with is that the screws tend to loosen on their own. That's the reason I gave it 4 stars not 5...


Works, but a puzzle to assemble.

12/28/2017 by Dr. Bill S.

This keyholder is a good idea, but sort of a pain to assemble. There were supposed to be some screw-in expanders with it, but they were missing from the package.


Cute but has flaws

2/13/2019 by Melanie

Cute concept but everytime I take a key “out” to use it I feel like it is loosening the screw that holds all the keys together... I will use it till I find something cute and more functional.


On the fence

1/7/2019 by Donna

This is not as good as I'd hoped, but I'm adjusting. It can be burdensome trying to get the correct key out of the stack, but I do love the fact that the keys aren't jingling constantly.


Not what I expected

12/28/2017 by Tina

This is a good idea but not as cool as I thought it might be. It does not hold enough keys. And if it held more keys it could make it even harder to get to the one key you are looking for. Less noise and compact but now I am carrying another set of keys around that didn't fit on the organizer.


Key disappointment

10/9/2017 by Melinda

I had wanted this product for over a year and just kept putting off ordering one. I finally ordered and was so excited to receive it. But...then after opening it and working on putting keys in it I was very disappointed. You can only put standard keys in it. It is very difficult to keep the keys on and separators on while you are trying to prepare it for use. I may have hyped it up to be too cool in my head; but I was very disappointed. I wish I had not purchased it


Like my old key chain better.

7/25/2018 by Patti

It's ok, got a little annoying at times.


Unable to use

12/28/2017 by Jamie

My husband was not able to use. He has too may smart keys for this device to be practical. Good idea, but we can't use it unfortunately.


Not Satisfied

6/11/2017 by Deb knox

I used the keysmart for about a year. Unfortunately the screws that hold the keys together kept loosening. I would tighten them but this didn't help causing all the keys to fall out. I do not trust it to hold my keys securely and am not using it. Great idea just needs more work on how to keep the keys secure.


Good Idea

7/5/2020 by Brenton

Thought this was a good buy, but within 2 weeks the keysmart, came unscrewed and lost the screw. Now pretty much useless...

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The KeySmart Story

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Keyed Up

KeySmart Maker Michael Tunney wants the things we carry each day to work better for us. He started with keys, creating a slim organizer that minimized the bulk and jingle of traditional keychains. He continues to build his problem-solving business, evolving over the years to include commuter accessories that dial up function without taking up more space, and cleaning and sanitizing solutions to help keep people safer.