The Travel Halo

Compact Travel Pillow & Mask Case of 12

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Great item

4/12/2019 by Don

This works great!! I use it at work when I need to rest my eyes from looking at the computer screen.


Works as expected

8/10/2018 by Donna

Works well.


Light blocking

7/26/2018 by Debra

Plane flight saver, I slept without my head bobbing around & the ligh was blocked out completely


Must have for travel!

6/20/2018 by Susan

I recently purchased this for an overseas trip. It is convenient - takes up little space when wrapped in its small pouch, the extra long brim is comfortable, breathable and definitely keeps out the light! It does keep your head erect. Great Grommet find!


Best Present

5/29/2018 by Jaqueline

I gifted my “I have everything, traveling sister” and she was delighted with the travel pillow because it folded into a small neat object ,made for a comfortable neck support and served as a shield from the surroundings lights! Good gift!


Where have you been all my life??

11/6/2016 by Debra

The Travel Halo provides PERFECT neck support! It stretches quite well to accommodate a large head, easily drapes over glasses (if you drape it more for privacy than 100% darkness), is exceedingly comfortable and has quickly become my most indispensable travel accessory. I am buying one for any family/friends who travel by plane, or for co-pilots on long car drives.

Mike, thank you for your service to our country, and thank you for creating this tremendous product!


Buy this Immediately

10/31/2016 by Shanton

Travel Halo is absolutely wonderful!!! Functional anf the fabrication feels great against my skin!
Never traveling without it, and purchased second one as gift... but they ate NOT getting it


Travel Halo

10/7/2016 by Carrie

Luv it, use it in the car !


Excellent travel combination

8/3/2016 by Nancy

I used the pillow/mask combination on my most recent trip to Tokyo. It is compact, works well to stabilize the head and shades the eyes without pressure. Unlike most eye coverings, the eye shade can easily be pushed aside if necessary. I bought a further two to give my daughter for her honeymoon, also to Japan. It's a long trip and this easily utilized and carried mask/pillow is ideal.


Perfectly dark!

7/20/2016 by JOANN

We leave at 5am and my husband drives the 1 1/2 hours to his office, so this helps me get extra sleep on our commute to work! It really blocks the sun, however, the bumps on the back are a little stiff on my neck. I put it on over my head under my hair and then pull up onto my forehead and over my eyes - easy! I love it!

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The Travel Halo Story

Travel Halo - Compact Travel Pillow & Mask

Travel and Leisure

The Travel Halo was designed to help you sleep comfortably while sitting up on planes, trains, or automobiles.

It was created by Mike Vahey, a U.S. Army veteran and world traveler, who spent many exhausting, sleepless nights on the road. He found that traditional C-shaped pillows pushed his head forward and crunched his neck. Ouch! Worse, those bulky pillows had to be blown up and were tough to carry, especially with new luggage requirements.

Mike wanted to create a different, more effective option. His first prototype was made with tube socks tucked into the back of an eye mask. That original
model developed into a patent-pending “halo” with rear stabilizers, positioned between head and backrest. It cradles your skull and aligns your neck, holding them firmly in place. Better still, a fold-down mask blocks light. Small and compact, it fits in its own pouch, perfect in a purse or briefcase.

Machine washable, you can keep it fresh for every trip. It's so comfy, you may want to wear it lying down too.
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