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The Travel Halo

Compact Travel Pillow & Mask Case of 12

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Reviews (3.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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Just right

7/11/2016 by Debra

This sleep mask keeps your head in alignment so nd is comfortable. I will buy more.


Great travel companion!

1/22/2016 by Karen

Very compact, fits in stretchy case--the Travel Halo is very comfortable and the "visor/eye cover" is soft, blocks out light and allows you to breathe. Head pillows in the band are ingenious. Pair with earplugs or noise-cancelling earbuds and sleep through the entire flight. I'd buy this as a gift for frequent flyer friends!


Amazing. But it!

1/11/2016 by David

Great idea, great execution. If you fly, just get it.


Pain free flights!

10/31/2015 by Ruth

I often take 10-11 hour flights and arrive with a very sore neck. I bought this for my last flight and arrived pain free! It keeps your neck and head upright. It's quite comfortable and the mask is useful. I will use this on all my long flights. Thank you for this product!


great multi-tasker

7/10/2015 by Dale

just had eye surgery and this has proven to be a life-saver! it gently holds your head/neck in place and the mask does the job without binding! while the intended purpose is for travel, it really is handy for other tasks- see above, but also for the dentists' office. buy one, or two!


Five Stars

7/10/2015 by Richard

I purchased this for my wife to be able to be more comfortable while we are on long driving trips. Normally she has to lean her head against the window to get comfortable, and often there is extraneous light coming into the car while night driving, so this is a huge benefit for her.
It was not expensive, but upon receipt I noticed it is very well made and easily adjustable. Great product, and even comes with its own carrying pouch!


good stuff

6/28/2015 by james

works well, just the thing for a power nap at home as well


It Works!

5/11/2015 by Kathy

This combination pillow/sleep "shade" beats the standard travel pillow and eye mask hands down! I tried it out on a recent car trip, and it worked perfectly. The no-roll pillow design is a clever alternative to a thick pillow roll stuffed under one's neck. The shade blocks light without pressing fabric into one's skin around the eyes. The flip-up feature of the shade is useful for a quick check of one's surroundings, time, flight attendant service, etc. And the portability of this compact device saves space and allows its storage in one's handbag, glove compartment, etc. My only concern was the fit, since I have an unusually large head, front-to-back. Despite my XL (men's) size, the Travel Halo fit comfortably. This would make a great gift for frequent travelers, whether on the road or in the air.



4/14/2015 by Kim

It was awesome. Used it for a flight to Japan from the USA.



4/14/2015 by Kim

It as awesome.

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The Travel Halo Story

Travel Halo - Compact Travel Pillow & Mask

Travel and Leisure

The Travel Halo was designed to help you sleep comfortably while sitting up on planes, trains, or automobiles.

It was created by Mike Vahey, a U.S. Army veteran and world traveler, who spent many exhausting, sleepless nights on the road. He found that traditional C-shaped pillows pushed his head forward and crunched his neck. Ouch! Worse, those bulky pillows had to be blown up and were tough to carry, especially with new luggage requirements.

Mike wanted to create a different, more effective option. His first prototype was made with tube socks tucked into the back of an eye mask. That original
model developed into a patent-pending “halo” with rear stabilizers, positioned between head and backrest. It cradles your skull and aligns your neck, holding them firmly in place. Better still, a fold-down mask blocks light. Small and compact, it fits in its own pouch, perfect in a purse or briefcase.

Machine washable, you can keep it fresh for every trip. It's so comfy, you may want to wear it lying down too.
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