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The Travel Halo

Compact Travel Pillow & Mask Case of 12

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Reviews (3.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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Didn't work so well

7/25/2018 by Sara

Was a bit bulky and pressed on my eyes a bit....didn't use it again... :O(


Not a fan

6/20/2016 by Terry

I have tried this out on two trips now and it doesn't thrill me. Slips and slides around and was just very comfortable.


Not ready for prime time

1/4/2016 by Karel

I wish I had read some of the reviews before buying the mask. The product is disappointing. It is not adjustable; the built-in supports are uncomfortable, and the shade is too thin to do a good job. A good idea that needs a lot of work.


Almost Useless

12/31/2015 by Martin

Practically worthless. Slips too much. The 2 support points move and your head ends up against the headrest or sidewall. The only good part in the mask. The solid pillows offer more consistent support



12/28/2015 by Martin

Has only 2 support points and, if you have hair, this thing will slip and those points won't stay where you want them to. Buy a solid pillow you can find anywhere and save the aggravation


Way too big

10/12/2015 by Susan

This item was way to big to fit my average-size head. Quality was not very good, but it's made in China, so that's what one would expect. It would be easy to put an elastic or velcro adjustment in ... why didn't the invnetor plan for this?


Not happy

7/4/2015 by Laurie

I took a trip to Paris this summer and looked forward to using this purchase to help me sleep on the plane. The mask portion I really like but the two "pillows" that are supposed to keep your head in place are too hard and after a few minutes gave me a horrible headache. Had to take it off.



6/25/2015 by Janice

Total waste of money. Useless. Too big, slips down, not good


Not worth the money.

4/29/2015 by Ashley

The idea is good but doesn't really work. It runs quite large and is not adjustable and the pads on the sides don't offer much support. I sent it back.

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The Travel Halo Story

Travel Halo - Compact Travel Pillow & Mask

Travel and Leisure

The Travel Halo was designed to help you sleep comfortably while sitting up on planes, trains, or automobiles.

It was created by Mike Vahey, a U.S. Army veteran and world traveler, who spent many exhausting, sleepless nights on the road. He found that traditional C-shaped pillows pushed his head forward and crunched his neck. Ouch! Worse, those bulky pillows had to be blown up and were tough to carry, especially with new luggage requirements.

Mike wanted to create a different, more effective option. His first prototype was made with tube socks tucked into the back of an eye mask. That original
model developed into a patent-pending “halo” with rear stabilizers, positioned between head and backrest. It cradles your skull and aligns your neck, holding them firmly in place. Better still, a fold-down mask blocks light. Small and compact, it fits in its own pouch, perfect in a purse or briefcase.

Machine washable, you can keep it fresh for every trip. It's so comfy, you may want to wear it lying down too.
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