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Outstanding Product

8/31/2013 by Diane

I love cooking fish on the grill; vegetables too. Both were just perfection and able to serve without getting all broken apart. Love my Cookina. Haven't tried it for baking in the oven yet, but I will.
Hope this starts showing up on supermarket storeshelves. Saves so much of the other stuff that has to be thrown away.


The love of grilling

8/4/2013 by Mark

After a wonderful meal was enjoyed from my outdoor grill, the task of cleaning was always left to another day. And what an awful task to clean the grill before cooking. I've been using the Cookina sheet for the past year and love it -- makes cleaning a snap in the kitchen sink so I can be back in business as the grill master. Great idea and product. I'm buying more to give to my buddies!


Performs as described!

7/23/2013 by Jeri

Tested this out with a pork tenderloin and zucchini dusted with parmesan cheese, Both came out tender, browned, and clean up was easy. I want to buy for my friends & family now. Next test will be with fish filets.


Fantastic Product

7/22/2013 by Jeanne

We love our new Grilling Mat; My husband grills a lot, and, it has made such a wonderful difference in how food (fish/Kabobs/Vegies) cook on the Grill. Nothing falls into the coals, and, our food is protected from most of the Carcinigens (sp?) that are harmful to our health. What a great find!


Excellent product!

7/22/2013 by Gina

I LOVE this product! We not only use it constantly, but also tell everyone I know about it. We buy them and then give them to our friends and family. This ultimately results in them buying another one. I am very happy that I came across the Cookina!


I Am Spoiled And I Will No Longer Grill Unless I Have A Cookina At Hand

6/30/2013 by Desmond

Unless I’m grilling steak of hamburgers, I always use the Cookina. (One night, when the Cooking was misplaced, I refused to do the grilling!) I never liked grilling for two reasons: 1. I don’t like to overcook steak. (Now I time it.) 2. I don’t like the problems of grilling (flare ups, food falling through the cracks, food sticking, etc.) The Cookina solves all these problems, yet still gives the look and taste of grilling.


fantastic product

6/28/2013 by Mitch

Its great how have I grilled without this! Cooks food evenly and I like that it leaves the grill marks on the food. But the best thing is that it keeps the grill clean. know more brushing the grill clean just wipe them clean. Its also easy to clean just run under hot water then clean with soap and water. I have notice at times it gets a little sticky even after washing it. So I've bought a degreaser formula and let it soak awhile and it cleans it up great. You have to try this!


Best product ever

6/28/2013 by CathyM

I got this for my husband and two sons. My husband uses it every single time he barbeques. It is very sturdy and I would definitely buy it again. We have been using it for a year!



5/15/2013 by Myla

This is an excellent product. It makes cooking on the grill so much easier and cleaner. I am waiting for the new stock to come in so I can order two more for family members who saw it and wanted one for themselves.


Cooking sheet

6/26/2019 by Sue

Very handy to line my cookie pans and use on the barbecue.

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The Cookina Story

Cookina - Nonstick grill and oven mat

Perfect Cooking Companion

Frequent grillers know all about the inconveniences of backyard barbecuing. Food sticks to the grill, small pieces fall through the gaps, and marinades get lost to the flames. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Cookina is a griller’s new best friend, introduced to the U.S. by Alain Richard of the Poirier Richard company in Quebec. It’s a flexible fabric mat with a nonstick surface that can withstand heat up to 500 degrees. The reusable mat works as an alternative to aluminum foil or parchment paper. Food doesn’t stick to it, so you can use less oil in your cooking. It keeps vegetables and
flaky fish from falling through the grates of the grill, and sauces and marinades stay with your food (vegetables, meats, fish, pizza, kabobs, eggs, you name it) instead of dripping into the grill. Cookina does all this without sacrificing an important barbecue aesthetic: grill marks. It’s thin enough that you can still obtain the perfect grill marks on your foods.

The multifunction Cookina is equally impressive in the kitchen, as a baking sheet or as a liner for ovens and microwaves. After each use, cleanup is simple. Just wipe the double-sided mat clean with warm, soapy water, and it won’t hold onto any food odors. Where has this been all our lives?
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