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very nice cooking sheet

3/12/2015 by Paula

I used this on my grill. Saves time cleaning the grill but still leaves those wonderful grill lines on your food.


love my BBQ cookina

10/11/2014 by marcella

The cookina has been a boost to my grilling success. Everything I have done with it has turned out far better than before. The only concern I have is that my now well used cookina is a bit tacky? I use the special scrubbing pad and use very warm soapy water ofter with presoaking.


Great Product

6/14/2014 by Sabrina

Although we only started using our Cookina, we really love it so far.. Food doesn't stick and it cleans very easily.



10/21/2013 by Deborah

I paid $15. for this product for one sheet. I was at the Fresno Fair and they were selling 2 for $20.00.
I was disappointed in that.


Useful product, especially for the oven

7/1/2013 by Kristin

I purchased one for myself and gave two others as gifts. I prefer to use it in my oven (the grill is hard on it).


Great oven liner

6/28/2013 by ChrisS

I placed this in my oven to catch over-flow and it cleans up very quickly and easily. I have not used on the BBQ yet.


It's OK

7/10/2018 by Angelina

It certainly keeps the pieces from falling into the grill, but doesn't create the grill lines...the product more or less creates more even temperature across your food. I admit it's a bit of pain to clean and appears and feels to be on the cheaper side.



4/28/2015 by Bev

I hate to say it but I am a little bit disappointed in this product. Have used it on the grill 3 times and it has holes in it already. I have a feeling it won't last as long as expected. I don't use metal utensils & let it cool before cleaning with the supplied scrubby. Not sure if I would purchase another one. Are my expectations too high?


Had a bit of trouble...

7/2/2014 by Norma

I understood before purchase that this is not to be used on high heat. However, the instructions booklet did not give any specifics as to when to place the sheet on the grill, so I did so while preheating my gas grill with the lid closed. This resulted in a large amount of flames, smoke and cinders flying around for several minutes until I poured some water into the bottom of the grill. )It's a cheap one and had some crud built up inside, so this probably helped clean it.) Lesson learned.

That said, I cooked 2 bone-in rib eye steaks on it and they came out very good and juicy. I just need to remember next time to adjust cooking time to the lower temperature.

Washing the sheet was awkward because of the size, as it doesn't fit well in a kitchen sink. Due to the thick coating of soot on the underside from the preheating fiasco it was rather messy and in hindsight it would have been easier to do the cleaning outside on the lawn.

Overall, it's a good idea, but there's a definite learning curve for the end user.


So so

10/22/2013 by Barbara

I have used the cooking sheet one time on the BBQ to cook salmon. The fish cooked great, but I was disappointed by how much work it took to clean the sheet to prepare it for the next use.

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The Cookina Story

Cookina - Nonstick grill and oven mat

Perfect Cooking Companion

Frequent grillers know all about the inconveniences of backyard barbecuing. Food sticks to the grill, small pieces fall through the gaps, and marinades get lost to the flames. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Cookina is a griller’s new best friend, introduced to the U.S. by Alain Richard of the Poirier Richard company in Quebec. It’s a flexible fabric mat with a nonstick surface that can withstand heat up to 500 degrees. The reusable mat works as an alternative to aluminum foil or parchment paper. Food doesn’t stick to it, so you can use less oil in your cooking. It keeps vegetables and
flaky fish from falling through the grates of the grill, and sauces and marinades stay with your food (vegetables, meats, fish, pizza, kabobs, eggs, you name it) instead of dripping into the grill. Cookina does all this without sacrificing an important barbecue aesthetic: grill marks. It’s thin enough that you can still obtain the perfect grill marks on your foods.

The multifunction Cookina is equally impressive in the kitchen, as a baking sheet or as a liner for ovens and microwaves. After each use, cleanup is simple. Just wipe the double-sided mat clean with warm, soapy water, and it won’t hold onto any food odors. Where has this been all our lives?
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