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7/25/2018 by Ray

Overall works well.


Not really a space saver

7/18/2016 by Heidi

It works as advertised. But in the end, it doesn't really save space in the fridge. For things like soda cans, there are better options.


Good but small.

6/14/2015 by Patrick

Good in concept but what you get is awfully small.



6/1/2015 by Kobi

It's a nice piece that saves some space


doesn't work

10/17/2019 by tim

Lips too shallow. Really wont hold anything securely without a carton of milk or orange juice keeping bottles from falling over. Doesnt save space, just rearranges verticle to horizontal, with spill factor. wouldn't pass the kid test either.


less useful than it looks

4/15/2019 by Mary Anne

It is very small , made of rigid material, not sure I'll keep it

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The Cooks Innovations Story

Cooks Innovations - Butter Mill & Fridge Monkey

Smooth Spreading

How often have you tried—unsuccessfully—to spread cold butter on bread or a muffin?

The Butter Mill is an innovative (perhaps magical?) device that turns cold butter into a soft spread. Simply twist it and the butter is pushed through the stainless steel grater into super fine strands. With all that extra surface area, the butter is spreadable almost instantly. When you’re done, store the Butter Mill in the fridge until the next time you need it.

From Cooks Innovations, the Butter Mill is just one of their gadgets designed to make everyday life easier in the kitchen. Another of our favorites
is the Fridge Monkey. This flexible rubber mat maximizes space in your fridge by stacking bottles and cans. Inspired by the device that reportedly held cannon balls neatly and safely on ships, the Fridge Monkey has just the right amount of give to let cans sit in the cavities rather than roll out over the lip. Stack up to ten cans in a space that would normally fit four. It works for wine bottles, too.

With these handy kitchen helpers, your butter and beverages become even easier to enjoy.
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