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No help

8/31/2015 by Sheena

I have a butter bell that I use to keep butter soft, but we don't eat much butter to justify keeping it on the counter for weeks at a time. I thought this would be a great alternative to the bell. It's not. Straight out of the fridge the butter is still too hard, and I can't get a good grip on it. It's very difficult to twist and I don't have arthritis. It also doesn't help soften the butter, it just turns it into a misshapen clump that still tears the bread up. It also appears to be smearing half the butter into the canister (yes I cut the sticks in half and loaded it right) so I think it might be better to just throw the whole device away than waste my time trying to clean it.


Not a good idea for older people with arthritis in hands

8/9/2015 by Carole

First of all, we both have trouble getting the lid off! Next, we have to hold it in a towel do get a good enough grip to twist it. It is literally painful to use it. Sounded like a marvelous idea but certainly isn't for us.



7/26/2015 by bonnie

Not worth the price causeit DOES NOT WORK! I've tried een freezing butter and STILL WON'T COME OUT as shown on video. MAYBE the higher priced one would work but the $19.95 DOES NOT.


Good idea - wish it worked

7/15/2015 by Deborah

This butter mill did not work for me at all. The butter was difficult to put into the holder and after I put it in the fridge, the butter would not come out like it shows in the video. Disappointed!



7/14/2015 by Dianne

This product is difficult to use. Too big for my hands. When try to turn cannot grip then gets greasy from butter and slides even more. Tried putting fat rubber band around and helped a little. Tried to return and would only get credit. By the time I paid for shipping both ways would pay for thing. Don't recommend unless have huge, strong hands. Not worth the money.


Fantastic idea... But reality bites

7/13/2015 by Holly

Fantastic idea, however, the functionality is not so fantastic.

(1). The red lid fights back.
(2). A rust-like residue gathered at the center of the metal grate plate.
(3). Getting set up or undoing it all for washing requires a hyperbolic 9,000 times turning the gizmo.
(4). I wish you could do something to make the grated butter fall off because using a knife to scrape it off seems to help the butter go back into a cohesive blob that resists spreading.
(5). The learning curve makes the user feel stupid and that removes the joy of having a new toy.
(6). If it is dishwasher-safe, why is the internal white piece designed to accumulate water in one direction or the other?



7/11/2015 by Mark

This "innovation" is supposed to make the spreading of butter on breads, muffins, etc easier than the conventional butter dish. For this user and his family it was quite onerous to get the job done with the Butter Mill irregardless of the temperature of the butter itself. After refrigeration the Mill was impossible to turn unless it was left out for a period of time. If left out too long, the Mill did not work.
Very dissapointed with this purchase.


too hard to turn

7/5/2015 by Margaret

To get the butter to come out the top, you must grip the clear section and turn the bottom white section. My hand hurt after trying to put butter on a piece of bread. It needs a more ergonomic way to turn the base and a better grip on the main part. Maybe some Sugru on the clear plastic cylinder for easier grip. I found that the butter still clumped up on the knife after scraping it off of the Mill, and then still tore the bread. Too much trouble.


too hard to turn

7/1/2015 by Vickie

I found it too hard to turn. There is no way to grip the end to turn it. It is a work out to turn, when it come right out of the fridge. It is easy, when the butter is at room temp. But…. if any butter is art room temp. it is easy to spread.


Only works on warm toast

6/22/2015 by Tim

I can't tell you how disappointed I am with the Butter Mill. Let's begin with its performance, or rather lack of performance. When using it to butter hot toast, it works great, but then using a sharp knife to slice off this pats of butter works great too. However, when bringing this out of the refrigerator with cold butter to butter bread in preparation to make a grilled cheese, the Butter Mill simply does not work. When one scrapes the butter off of the top of the Butter Mill, all of the little pieces of COLD butter quickly join together and the result is...tearing of the bread just like any time one uses COLD butter. I believe that the videos made for this product used pre-warmed butter and not cold butter.

Now, a word about its construction. The little red platform that pushes the butter upwards is always slipping the threaded portion of the Butter Mill. The result? One needs the grip and forearms of a professional arm wrestler to make this thing work. My wife could not turn it at all and I could turn it with a large amount of effort. The Butter Mill is not a device for the weak...or for that matter anyone else to use.

The bottom line is that if you buy this product you will be disappointed as I am. Once we finish the butter in the Butter Mill, I will write this one off as a complete loss and donate it to my local Good Will store.

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The Cooks Innovations Story

Cooks Innovations - Butter Mill & Fridge Monkey

Smooth Spreading

How often have you tried—unsuccessfully—to spread cold butter on bread or a muffin?

The Butter Mill is an innovative (perhaps magical?) device that turns cold butter into a soft spread. Simply twist it and the butter is pushed through the stainless steel grater into super fine strands. With all that extra surface area, the butter is spreadable almost instantly. When you’re done, store the Butter Mill in the fridge until the next time you need it.

From Cooks Innovations, the Butter Mill is just one of their gadgets designed to make everyday life easier in the kitchen. Another of our favorites
is the Fridge Monkey. This flexible rubber mat maximizes space in your fridge by stacking bottles and cans. Inspired by the device that reportedly held cannon balls neatly and safely on ships, the Fridge Monkey has just the right amount of give to let cans sit in the cavities rather than roll out over the lip. Stack up to ten cans in a space that would normally fit four. It works for wine bottles, too.

With these handy kitchen helpers, your butter and beverages become even easier to enjoy.
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