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Good product idea.

6/23/2015 by David

Good product generally. Nice replacememy for packaged whipped butter.a However, the plastic threads of the cylinder tend to pop or slip when pushing the butter against the metal shredder.


good idea

6/20/2015 by Joyce A

Love the idea,and it works great,but having arthritis in my thumbs,makes it hard to turn.


Works well

6/19/2015 by Annemone

This works very well, and it sure saves the toast! I bought each of my children one, too. The only negative comment is that it takes a lot of twisting to open it up to refill it.


great idea,.

6/11/2015 by Joyce A

I have arthritis in my thumbs,and it is hard to turn.


It's GREAT!....however...

6/9/2015 by nancy

I am surprised this went to market without anyone realizing that a grip-able cylinder would make it much easier to use. I almost sent it back. I cannot turn it when the butter is cold. Forget about it when the kids have gotten a little of the butter on it to make it even more slick. The clear cylinder is so slick there is no grip action. I was going to buy one for my dad (arthritis) and sis/law (also arthritis) and had to rethink. Would have made great gifts, but no way they could turn this. PLEASE make a grip-able one in the future and please retrofit some kind of sleeve for mine? :) Currently I grip it with a silicone jar lid gripper and have to finagle it to fit, once started and butter gets a little warmer it works awesome. Keeps my son from using too much butter (thick slab for every little piece of bread he breaks off) Such a GREAT invention - just need an easier way to turn it. LOVE IT.


Almost perfect!

5/22/2015 by Rhonda

I love the idea of this product, but little hands can get it greasy and then it can be hard to twist. If they would put better grips on the outside, I think it would be perfect!


Love it

5/20/2015 by kathy

This has reduced the stress in my house. My husband like the butter soft but doesn't want to scrape it off the stick slowly so he trie to soften it on the stove or toaster which is messy and frustrating when it gets all slimy. With the Butter Mill we are both happy. It work great.


Almost perfect

5/19/2015 by Walter

I've rated the Butter Mill as "Almost perfect" and only four stars, but I'll get to the negatives later.
The Butter MIll does exactly as the advertising copy and video describe and promise. Butter direct from the refrigerator comes out in shredded form and is easily spread on almost every pastry item but the most delicate or thin. Advancing the flow of butter is easily controlled and you'll have no trouble metering precise amounts. We use it often and we now reach for it before the butter dish stored in the door. It's a "Now it's my turn"item.
The one negative is that the red cover was very difficult to remove before each use. I solved the problem by lightly sanding down the tops inner ridge until it went on and off easily. A minor problem but something the manufacturer can fix easily. Buy it! Another problem solved.


This is a helpful product

5/19/2015 by karen

big improvement for mom who handles it well with her visual impairment. I haven't figured out the easy way to "load it."


Too much effort for the results

9/14/2015 by LouiseR

I agree with another reviewer who said the screw threads are too fine, so it takes a long time and much effort to screw it and unscrew it. Also, the part that you hold to do the screwing is slippery and becomes even more of an effort once butter is added, which is a bad combination. Once the butter comes out, it has to be scraped off with a knife and deposited on the bread, where it just turns into a clump. Not much of an improvement over a clump simply cut off the stick with a knife. The whole thing is not as fabulous as I thought it would be, but we continue to use it.

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The Cooks Innovations Story

Cooks Innovations - Butter Mill & Fridge Monkey

Smooth Spreading

How often have you tried—unsuccessfully—to spread cold butter on bread or a muffin?

The Butter Mill is an innovative (perhaps magical?) device that turns cold butter into a soft spread. Simply twist it and the butter is pushed through the stainless steel grater into super fine strands. With all that extra surface area, the butter is spreadable almost instantly. When you’re done, store the Butter Mill in the fridge until the next time you need it.

From Cooks Innovations, the Butter Mill is just one of their gadgets designed to make everyday life easier in the kitchen. Another of our favorites
is the Fridge Monkey. This flexible rubber mat maximizes space in your fridge by stacking bottles and cans. Inspired by the device that reportedly held cannon balls neatly and safely on ships, the Fridge Monkey has just the right amount of give to let cans sit in the cavities rather than roll out over the lip. Stack up to ten cans in a space that would normally fit four. It works for wine bottles, too.

With these handy kitchen helpers, your butter and beverages become even easier to enjoy.
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