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Great...with a few improvements

6/4/2015 by Stacy

I like the product. Works as described, and for the most part makes a spreadable butter. It does tend to mesh back to solid in the process of spreading. Loading requires disassembly, and additional blocks of butter cut up to round out the holding chamber, which is not designed to fit a stick size only. Otherwise your butter would simply filter out of the middle alone. I have also noticed the butter is starting to infiltrate the interior compartment, which does not alter function, but does create mess. The interior compartment will definitely have to be cleaned out from time to time. Additionally, your butter will not ribbon out to completion. The leftover needs to be scraped out with a knife. It is a nice way to store butter. The end cap is valuable. I'm finding more and more applications where the ribbon function is almost necessary. Your toast and garlic bread will never be the same. Maybe the second generation will fix a few of these issues. Otherwise, not a bad product for the money at all.


A Yes and a No on Use

5/31/2015 by lorena

I thought this was a great idea. It would be better if one could but the entire stick of butter inside instead of half. I found it to be a little clumsy in operation, but it works as stated. The red top is very difficult to remove.


butter spreader

5/21/2015 by tosha

It does not spread like it says it would


Not pleased with operation.

5/20/2015 by John

Looking forward to the pleasure and enjoyment of quick soft spread butter, we were disappointed by the difficulty we experienced in trying to turn the device. Very hard to turn!


Love it but the cap needs improvement.

5/19/2015 by Debbie

I love the concept of this butter mill. The butter is a great texture and easy to spread. For the most part, it works as intended. One issue though is that the red cap that covers the grater disc is very hard to remove. I literally had to pry it off (with much difficulty as it is snug) and it flew across the kitchen when it finally did pop off. My hand slid across the grater when this occurred which caused a few scrapes on my hand. To prevent this challenge, I now just sit the cap upside down on the grater top instead of using it as a cap. It would be much easier if f the red cap were silicone or if there were a tab to pull it off. I should say that this issue occurs when the mill has been refrigerated because the butter is too soft to grate when not refrigerated. I really do love this product and bought extras for my sons but the top could be re-designed for easier removal.


Butter mill

5/19/2015 by Jerry

The butter is still VERY difficult to spread on toast. It is hard from being in the refrigerator. Tears up the bread, so nothing is really gained from using this item. :(



5/19/2015 by PAUL



very interesting device

5/19/2015 by steve

it's unique to say the least. it also does what it says it will and makes it very easy to spread butter regardless of how frozen it might be. in my opinion however, the downside it that it is relatively short and won't handle a full 1/4 pound stick of butter so you are once again tasked with trying to hack through a frozen bar to get a stick size that will fit the device. it would have rated a 5 but because of this i only gave it a 3. there is room for improvement in that regard as far as i am concerned.



5/19/2015 by Lisa

Hard to turn and it doesn't spread like the description.


Just okay

9/9/2015 by Cynthia

This product does "soften" the butter for ease in spreading on toast or muffins but as other reviewers have noted it creates a messy clump of butter, so no big improvement over "shaving" the stick like I used to do. I also find that the last half inch or so of butter inside the holder cannot be "churned" out so I end up scraping it out. I find the canister is sometimes hard to twist but using a spongy "jar opener" helps to get a better grip on the end when it's cold.
I would not recommend this product to friends, but will keep trying to use it and see if my opinion improves.

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The Cooks Innovations Story

Cooks Innovations - Butter Mill & Fridge Monkey

Smooth Spreading

How often have you tried—unsuccessfully—to spread cold butter on bread or a muffin?

The Butter Mill is an innovative (perhaps magical?) device that turns cold butter into a soft spread. Simply twist it and the butter is pushed through the stainless steel grater into super fine strands. With all that extra surface area, the butter is spreadable almost instantly. When you’re done, store the Butter Mill in the fridge until the next time you need it.

From Cooks Innovations, the Butter Mill is just one of their gadgets designed to make everyday life easier in the kitchen. Another of our favorites
is the Fridge Monkey. This flexible rubber mat maximizes space in your fridge by stacking bottles and cans. Inspired by the device that reportedly held cannon balls neatly and safely on ships, the Fridge Monkey has just the right amount of give to let cans sit in the cavities rather than roll out over the lip. Stack up to ten cans in a space that would normally fit four. It works for wine bottles, too.

With these handy kitchen helpers, your butter and beverages become even easier to enjoy.
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