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Awesome device

7/20/2020 by Diane

I use this on my bedside table - I can pull the cord long to read my Kindle and then push it back so It doesn't tangle when I stop using it. Ingenious!



11/21/2019 by Nancy

I've had a Cord Buddy for years and have given several for gifts. I put mine on a small table next to my bed when charging my phone at night so I don't have to search for my phone when needed.


Bedside table favorite!

10/31/2019 by Susan

THE most useful of products I’ve purchased from Grommet. Cord no longer slips off my bedside table.


I love them, they are great!!!

11/16/2018 by Don

I have the large one that holds 3 cords & has a motion sensor light, and 4 of the single cord ones. I have them anywhere I put my IPAD, PHONE, BLUETOOTH MINI SPEAKERS.they work great & always handy.


Love it!

10/2/2018 by Linda

I no longer have to crawl on the floor to retrieve the slippery cord that slithers away before I can grab it. It politely waits for me until I need it again. :-) And the Cord Buddy is unobtrusive so it doesn't clutter up the nightstand or dresser. Easy to us, attractive, and functional. What more could you ask?


Great Product

7/25/2018 by Vicki

This has solved a pet peeve of mine. No longer do I get irritated with cords falling down behind my bedside table or desk. Who knew such a product existed, but I love it!


Need to order more!

10/11/2017 by Donna

Love the cord organizer and plan on ordering more for family. Keeps my cords where they need to be and makes me look organized.


Unbeliveably Handy

8/15/2017 by Joelle

Love my Cord Buddy. I have one next to my bed, and one by the front door charging station. It's a simple and brilliant design.


Works great!

7/31/2017 by Anne

These do just what they represented. My cords no longer disappear behind or beneath the surface they are supposed to be on!


Works great

7/29/2017 by Mary

this has definitely made our bedside tables neater!

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The Cord Buddy Story

Cord Buddy - Cable Management System

Keeper of the cords

Nobody likes that tangled mess of cords hiding behind the desk (or even worse, in plain sight on the floor). Yet, we all put up with it because cords, chargers, and electrical devices have become an essential part of our daily lives.

After years working as an IT professional, Steve Kwak decided it was time to tame the cord chaos. He and his brothers, Kevin and Carl, founded Cord Buddy and began putting cords in their place.

Cord Buddy is available in your choice of three styles. A welcome addition to any desk, the GLOW can hold up to 3 different cords of varying widths. With an LED light that
senses motion and lights up if you move within 8-10 feet of it, the Glow also comes in handy on your bedside table. No more groping for your charger in the dark. The Basic is a weighted, single port Cord Buddy designed for that one go-to-device you just can't live without. And, for all the sports fans out there, Cord Buddy also comes in a set of athletic themes.

Cords and chargers are here to stay. Cord Buddy is here to help keep them neat and tidy.
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