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Well designed

10/4/2013 by Kristen

This is a very attractive way to keep your iphone and e-book cords on the night stand. It's much better looking than the plastic doohickey that I had been using, and I especially like that it will hold more than one cord at a time. It could be heavier, though. It did manage to get dragged off the nightstand at one point.


Deceiving picture

10/12/2018 by Frederick M

It appears that one would wrap the cord within the unit but only the two cord ends are held. The excess cord still hangs on table. It does however, keep the ends near for use.


Serves its purpose

11/18/2016 by tony

Wish it had the ability to store excess cord. This is expensive for what it does.


Keeps falling off my nightstand

11/18/2015 by shannon

Needs to be heavier. Keeps falling off my nightstand.


Great idea, but it slides around

3/2/2015 by Richard

I love the product, but the bottom has a slick sticker on it. I put it on my bed-side table which has a polished wood top and as a result, it slides around and sometimes falls off the table. If the bottom had a non-slip sticker on it instead, this would be a perfect product.


Great Item

5/27/2014 by Richard

Very cool. I love it. Needs a retraction aspect to the design.


Not as pictured

1/24/2018 by Michele

It's fine I you want to hold one cord in place so it doesn't slip off the surface. Unfortunately, I had hoped it would store either multiple cords as the photo would indicate or at least the coiled excess from my laptop charging cable (as they don't make 2' cables). It was quite misleading to show the photo of the Glow then offer only the Basic, as I thought they were one in the same. The Basic is quite tiny and only holds one cord as pass-thru, not room for cable coiled within. Too expensive to ship back so stuck with 2 Cord Buddies I have no use for.


Too light to be useful

1/25/2015 by Larry

the weights slide around with the slightest tug. Often causing a fall to the floor. If there was a rubberized bottom, it would work better. I'll be adding some double-sided foam tape to fix my issue, but this would not work for most. It's a great idea, but needs some more engineering to succeed. my opinion of course.


Not vey practical

4/25/2014 by Nancy K.

They are too small to really accomplish much.


Not worth it.

12/27/2013 by wendy

Very disappointed. Looks better than its function. Examine carefully before purchase, to avoid being let down. Does nothing to organize as claimed.

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The Cord Buddy Story

Cord Buddy - Cable Management System

Keeper of the cords

Nobody likes that tangled mess of cords hiding behind the desk (or even worse, in plain sight on the floor). Yet, we all put up with it because cords, chargers, and electrical devices have become an essential part of our daily lives.

After years working as an IT professional, Steve Kwak decided it was time to tame the cord chaos. He and his brothers, Kevin and Carl, founded Cord Buddy and began putting cords in their place.

Cord Buddy is available in your choice of three styles. A welcome addition to any desk, the GLOW can hold up to 3 different cords of varying widths. With an LED light that
senses motion and lights up if you move within 8-10 feet of it, the Glow also comes in handy on your bedside table. No more groping for your charger in the dark. The Basic is a weighted, single port Cord Buddy designed for that one go-to-device you just can't live without. And, for all the sports fans out there, Cord Buddy also comes in a set of athletic themes.

Cords and chargers are here to stay. Cord Buddy is here to help keep them neat and tidy.
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