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Not Happy

1/7/2016 by Robin

I thought the cords rolled up inside for some reason. You still have the cords everywhere, they are just going cord buddy. The light is nice.


very useful

10/15/2014 by Harold

Very useful. Like the motion activated night. Would be better if the cords moved more smoothly through the channels. Will be a Christmas gift for a family member.


Love this idea but ....

8/30/2014 by bonnie

I love this idea but I'm looking for a cord buddy that allows three electronics to be charged but with one cord plugged to the wall. Any thought of mfg this?


Too Light

4/24/2014 by Jerry

Made of plastic and is too light to stay on the table. My power cords pull it to the floor.


Average product!

4/16/2014 by Edward

Cord buddy is a whimsical, cute little product that organizes and lights up three different appliances that need to be charged. While I think it's sort of a cool gadget, It certainly not worth the money. I certainly wouldn't buy another.


Good looks limited functionality.

1/4/2014 by John

It's very well made and I love the look. But without an internal spindle to hide extra cord, it's pretty limiting in it's functionality. (My bad for presuming.)


Well-made and functional

7/30/2018 by Kathy

This device is fine to keep 3 cables organized. I thought it had a reel inside that spooled the longer cable, but my mistake. It’s ok but I wouldn’t purchase again.


Good idea; poor execution

8/17/2015 by Stephanie

It was a great idea, but it just doesn't work. The biggest problem comes when I reach over and try to pull the cords out. The cords are plugged into a power strip on the floor. The Buddy actually shortens the already short cords. As soon as I start pulling gently, the little bit of cord available gets "stuck" and, as I pull, the whole thing starts falling and splits open. The only way to get it to "work" is to hold it down and only pull out a few inches. To get it to work more effectively it needs to be on the floor next to the power strip and keep the device you're charging right next to it. I already have the power strip separating the cords, making the Buddy redundant. I advise against buying it unless you have very long charger cords and keep the Buddy close by.


Cheap material

6/7/2015 by Edris

The "woodgrain" choice for this product looks like something I could have bought at a Dollar Store.. Like a plastic toy. Very disappointed and too embarrassed to give it as a gift. I wanted something that would look handsome on a desk, the product works as it should but simply not presentable. I had to buy something else as a gift instead.



2/26/2015 by gale

Disappointed it is too lite weight. Does not stay on table surface. Pulled down easily by cords.

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The Cord Buddy Story

Cord Buddy - Cable Management System

Keeper of the cords

Nobody likes that tangled mess of cords hiding behind the desk (or even worse, in plain sight on the floor). Yet, we all put up with it because cords, chargers, and electrical devices have become an essential part of our daily lives.

After years working as an IT professional, Steve Kwak decided it was time to tame the cord chaos. He and his brothers, Kevin and Carl, founded Cord Buddy and began putting cords in their place.

Cord Buddy is available in your choice of three styles. A welcome addition to any desk, the GLOW can hold up to 3 different cords of varying widths. With an LED light that
senses motion and lights up if you move within 8-10 feet of it, the Glow also comes in handy on your bedside table. No more groping for your charger in the dark. The Basic is a weighted, single port Cord Buddy designed for that one go-to-device you just can't live without. And, for all the sports fans out there, Cord Buddy also comes in a set of athletic themes.

Cords and chargers are here to stay. Cord Buddy is here to help keep them neat and tidy.
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