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Keeps cords in line

7/25/2018 by Mary Jo

This gadget is neat, keeps the cords separated, and has a night light that can be turned off and on.



7/17/2018 by Seven

This has been so awesome for home and work. I have them everywhere! Looks great and functions perfectly!


Works as described

7/3/2018 by Scott

This is a helpful device to clean up my web of wires. No more untangling power cords!


Plugged in AND visible

4/1/2018 by Rachel

The iPhone and the iPad get plugged in each night and the wires are in plane sight. I did not activate the motion light that some may find helpful because I don’t need it on my night stand. The separation of the two have Velcro colored holders to differentiate the items to be plugged in. When I need to plug in the keypad, I have the extra separation for that, as well.


Cord buddy

2/2/2018 by Nancy

I absolutely love this product. My cat had a habit of chewing the power cords. With this organizer, my cat doesn't go near them anymore. It's great that the cords don't fall on the floor.



1/3/2018 by Paula

The cord buddy is a great idea and the cords do not fall through.


Smart. Very Smart

11/18/2017 by Eddie

These techies used their down time well. Their ingenious solution to an annoying problem, actually works.


Cord Buddy

10/23/2017 by Rita

Just as advertised. The perfect holder so that your wires stay in place and don't slide all over the counter or get lost amid other items. The light is a great addition


Great Buddy

9/18/2017 by Stephani

This a wonderful little item. I was able to organize our laptop charging cables along with the printer cable (which continually dropped behind the table). The removable top makes it easy to place and remove cables.


I like the cord buddy a lot.

5/11/2017 by Ann

It keeps my charging cords organized and the light is helpful if I need to add a third device to charge when I've already got two charging.

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The Cord Buddy Story

Cord Buddy - Cable Management System

Keeper of the cords

Nobody likes that tangled mess of cords hiding behind the desk (or even worse, in plain sight on the floor). Yet, we all put up with it because cords, chargers, and electrical devices have become an essential part of our daily lives.

After years working as an IT professional, Steve Kwak decided it was time to tame the cord chaos. He and his brothers, Kevin and Carl, founded Cord Buddy and began putting cords in their place.

Cord Buddy is available in your choice of three styles. A welcome addition to any desk, the GLOW can hold up to 3 different cords of varying widths. With an LED light that
senses motion and lights up if you move within 8-10 feet of it, the Glow also comes in handy on your bedside table. No more groping for your charger in the dark. The Basic is a weighted, single port Cord Buddy designed for that one go-to-device you just can't live without. And, for all the sports fans out there, Cord Buddy also comes in a set of athletic themes.

Cords and chargers are here to stay. Cord Buddy is here to help keep them neat and tidy.
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