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Good Idea

1/6/2018 by Patricia

This may work for others but is not working for us because of the shape of the chair arms. It does not feel secure on the arms. The way the picture shows would be fine but the arms on the chair we wanted to use it on are not as wide and the ends dangled freely amking it unsecure.


Good for normal size

2/15/2017 by Luci

It's great for cans, bottles, normal size coffee cups only.

Not made for use of large coffee mugs


Good idea

1/14/2017 by Sherry

Irish the cup holder part would hold something besides a can. Wish it was able to expand and contract. It stays on the sofa arm without proble


Good to start

1/13/2017 by Judy

Loved this when I first got it but over time and with use it gets floppy and will not stay on the arm of my couch.


It will do.

1/13/2017 by Luci

it's great, but it doesn't work with large mugs, even with the insert taken out.
Normal size coffee cups and water and soda bottles/cans OK.
The rubber material plus the metal weights makes it grab well on just about all arm rest.


It's ok but ...

1/7/2017 by Denise

I think the concept is great but maybe if it came in different sizes for different couches it would fit better. Overall it works if we put it in a specific place on the couch arm. Kind of awkward but we are ok with the purchase.


Alternate use

11/17/2016 by Sheryl

My new car cup holders are a bit too tight for my favorite Contigo coffee mug so I set it on this on the passenger seat, with one flap on the seat and the other going down over the front. Since the mug is loose with the insert taken out, it frequently tips over when i make a turn. SO, semi-useful, but not as good as I'd hoped it would be, but then I'm not using it as it was designed. I think it would work quite well as designed an sizable furniture arms except for the two and three year olds about the house. Best to use with spill proof tops.



10/17/2016 by Anne Benhart

When I take out the inner cup, my glass coffee mug sticks to it and is difficult to get out. However the inner cup works great if it's holding a pop can.


I really wanted to love these

10/11/2016 by Laura

Unfortunately, they didn't fit well on my couch.
Otherwise, these are as awesome as I thought they would be.



10/7/2016 by Kathy

It's ok. Design not optimal for flat arms an the sofa but it still works.

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The CouchCoaster Story

Achieve couch relaxation level 10.

Keep Drinks Close

Cars have had cup holders for ages—but what about a couch drink holder? Chances are, you put more miles on your sofa than the road.

CouchCoaster has your kicking-back-at-home beverage needs in mind. This adaptable drink holder drapes over the arm of your favorite place to sit. Its weighted sides keep your glass balanced and secure. Plus the design is flexible enough to fit over any width or shaped furniture arm—flat to curved, slim to wide.

Brit Barry Freeder had had enough of spilled drinks in his living room. Balancing them on the armrest or the floor was asking for trouble. But the coffee
table seemed just too far away. It’s a first world problem, for sure. But Barry’s first world solution is well made, well designed, and appropriately accessible without even sitting forward.

Whatever you’re drinking, and whatever is on the telly, with CouchCoaster you can settle in and relax.
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