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Not worth it

12/29/2019 by AMY

First it’s hard to get a coffee cup to fit ... then a can we tried but very disappointed.


Don’t buy

12/28/2019 by AMY

Not what the reviews explained
I bought 5 fir Xmas gifts and the cups are too big to fit and the cans wobble in the holder.
Very disappointed.


Very sofa specific

9/18/2019 by Diane

I thought this would be great for my sofa with wide rolled arms. It does not work at all unless you have wide flat top arms. The cup fell out and over it went to the floor. It is unattractive and useless and has sat in my drawer for a year trying to think of another use for it. Time for he trash can. Disappointed.



2/14/2019 by Joanne

Maybe it was the fabric our couch is made of instead of the design of this grommet but excitement about this clever idea turned to disappointment when it kept sliding and our drink kept spilling.


Not a thriller!

2/13/2019 by Hedy

this does not work as well as it is advertised, and I was disappointed.


Not effective

12/23/2018 by Diane

I am using on a recliner which has a wide armrest. It is too large, insufficient weighting and it slips. I bought for a blind relative and fear she will knock it over by accident. It is made well but not enough weight. Wish it fit better. I choose not to return. Not worth the effort. Please redesign as I love the idea.


nothing fits!!

6/25/2018 by harriet

I immediately put my new couch coaster on my armchair and tried to place a glass inside it. I did not fit. So I tried my water bottle - it did not fit either. Then my son tried his coffee cup and water bottle. Nothing I own fit in this couch coaster. The coaster is either too large or too small for my drinking containers.

I will be donating to Goodwill.

I would not recommend this item at all.


Overpriced...Poor performance....

12/28/2017 by Jim Morrissey

Terrible design look at it. The notch for the cup handle is in the wrong spot. It should be a quarter turn in order to make it convenient to lift the cup. I have a number of cups and mugs...few fit in the holder.
The removable insert binds and is difficult to remove. A gentle bump resulted in a sturdy, empty beer stein crashing to the floor in pieces.
If l could go back in time l would NOT buy this.


Holder too small

11/19/2017 by kathy

The diameter of this is way too small. Wom't hold my coffee mug or water glass. Very disappointed


Don't waste your money!

1/26/2017 by Vicki

When I first got these I thought they were going to be the greatest ....wrong. my husband was the first to knock the whole thing off the arm of the couch...Coffee everywhere. Then it was me Tea everywhere. This happened a couple more times then they went in a closet never to be used again.

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The CouchCoaster Story

Achieve couch relaxation level 10.

Keep Drinks Close

Cars have had cup holders for ages—but what about a couch drink holder? Chances are, you put more miles on your sofa than the road.

CouchCoaster has your kicking-back-at-home beverage needs in mind. This adaptable drink holder drapes over the arm of your favorite place to sit. Its weighted sides keep your glass balanced and secure. Plus the design is flexible enough to fit over any width or shaped furniture arm—flat to curved, slim to wide.

Brit Barry Freeder had had enough of spilled drinks in his living room. Balancing them on the armrest or the floor was asking for trouble. But the coffee
table seemed just too far away. It’s a first world problem, for sure. But Barry’s first world solution is well made, well designed, and appropriately accessible without even sitting forward.

Whatever you’re drinking, and whatever is on the telly, with CouchCoaster you can settle in and relax.
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