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They work!

12/29/2017 by Anne

We have high sides on our couch similar to the picture that is shown. It's just too easy to place your glass on the arm and it's just too easy to bump it and spill whatever is inside. The couch coaster is great for a variety of cup sizes and has enough weight to balance and not spill even with movement or being bumped. Great product!


Love It!

12/28/2017 by Kathy

It's the perfect coaster solution for my couch, as I don't have to reach far to get my beverages! It holds cups, glasses, bottles or cans!



12/28/2017 by Joanne

The couch coaster is a winner.
Well mastered, well weighted, and, well, just pretty awesome.
Works terrific on wide coach arm or laying flat beside ya’. While your drink won’t go flying when you move, don’t flail your arms.
The red color is rich and matte, not shiny.... which is good unless you’re a Firefly superfan.


Can holder

12/28/2017 by Debbie

This couch kookier is just great! Of course it can be used on chair arms, etc. it’s so nice to have a place to put your can if there is no table nearby. Get one, you’ll reorder, trust me!


Solved a problem

12/15/2017 by Kathleen

I have a small family room and wanted to take out the coffee table to open the room up a bit. But that meant that one side of the couch had no place to put a drink. I wasn't sure if this would work because the arm of the couch is rather wide. But the weights keep the holder in place even though one of the sides doesn't touch the couch. My husband is usually skeptical of the "unique" things I buy, but he thought this was very clever and works very well. It will get a workout during the Christmas season since we will have family here. So I'm really glad I got it when I did


Looks like it will work

11/26/2017 by Katherine

Bought these for our RV recliners. Haven't taken them on the road yet, but they fit the chairs and appear to work even while reclining.


It looks s Goor I bought another

11/25/2017 by Jo

This is a Christmas gift. When I got it, I liked it so much I bought more as gifts!


Holds many sizes securely

10/30/2017 by Samantha

Hot drinks in mugs to skinny cold drinks in cans, this drink holder provides a secure and very stable place to put drinks. It works fabulously on all different sizes and styles of furniture.


Great Product, Good Laugh

10/16/2017 by Alicia

I bought this for my husband for his birthday and when he opened it, he laughed so hard! It was the absolute perfect gift for him. It works too! Such a great product.


Ideal drink holder

8/29/2017 by Susan

I have been using my drink holder for a few weeks and I can't say enough about this item. It's so convenient whether I have a hot coffee cup or a cold drink. I feel confident that my drink stays put and won't spill on my leather couch.
I highly recommend the cup holder.

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The CouchCoaster Story

Achieve couch relaxation level 10.

Keep Drinks Close

Cars have had cup holders for ages—but what about a couch drink holder? Chances are, you put more miles on your sofa than the road.

CouchCoaster has your kicking-back-at-home beverage needs in mind. This adaptable drink holder drapes over the arm of your favorite place to sit. Its weighted sides keep your glass balanced and secure. Plus the design is flexible enough to fit over any width or shaped furniture arm—flat to curved, slim to wide.

Brit Barry Freeder had had enough of spilled drinks in his living room. Balancing them on the armrest or the floor was asking for trouble. But the coffee
table seemed just too far away. It’s a first world problem, for sure. But Barry’s first world solution is well made, well designed, and appropriately accessible without even sitting forward.

Whatever you’re drinking, and whatever is on the telly, with CouchCoaster you can settle in and relax.
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