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Weighted Drink Holder Sample

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Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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11/17/2019 by Barb



perfect solution

11/4/2019 by Alice

My husband has been complaining for years (years!) that his dink is always too far away or hard to reach. So thank you to the genius who came up with this. It works with mugs bottles, and glasses. I'm a hero for buying this for him, and I never have to hear him gripe about the inconvenience of the coffee table ever again. Win-win!



11/1/2019 by Margie

I use this on my favorite chair & find it handy & sturdy. I just slip it away if I’m having company



11/1/2019 by Margie

I use this on my favorite chair & find it handy & sturdy. I just slip it away if I’m having company


Less mess

11/1/2019 by Jennifer

My husband uses this for his drinks. He use to spill them all the time - now he doesn’t!


Versatile drink holder

10/31/2019 by Shelby

I bought this for my son-in-law and he loves it because he can move it from his recliner to his couch.


loved by husband

10/31/2019 by Carolyn

My husband uses this all the time both for drinks and food. It is very stable and just the right size.


A Great Idea

10/31/2019 by Jon

We love ours. It answers such a common problem, and in a very functional way. My only request would be something a bit more stylish for a more upscale home.


The cat will never knock my drink over again

9/8/2019 by Lisa

This stays put on the arm of the sofa; and no matter how she tries, the cat can’t knock over or spill any drink I put in it! I love that there’s an insert- so it accommodates different sized cups/glasses. And it even has a cutout for my coffee cup handle! I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.


Weighted Drink Holder

8/20/2019 by Linda

My husband and I love them. When we don't have a drink in them, we put our phone in it. I have had people come in and see them and want to know where I got them. I always have the information close by.

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The CouchCoaster Story

Achieve couch relaxation level 10.

Keep Drinks Close

Cars have had cup holders for ages—but what about a couch drink holder? Chances are, you put more miles on your sofa than the road.

CouchCoaster has your kicking-back-at-home beverage needs in mind. This adaptable drink holder drapes over the arm of your favorite place to sit. Its weighted sides keep your glass balanced and secure. Plus the design is flexible enough to fit over any width or shaped furniture arm—flat to curved, slim to wide.

Brit Barry Freeder had had enough of spilled drinks in his living room. Balancing them on the armrest or the floor was asking for trouble. But the coffee
table seemed just too far away. It’s a first world problem, for sure. But Barry’s first world solution is well made, well designed, and appropriately accessible without even sitting forward.

Whatever you’re drinking, and whatever is on the telly, with CouchCoaster you can settle in and relax.
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