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Weighted drink holder

3/30/2019 by Michele

I love this drink holder. It keeps me from wiping up so many spilled beverages. I ended up buying 2.


Love this

3/24/2019 by Lynn

I use when laying in bed too. Never spills.


Awesome Cup Holder

2/24/2019 by Necole

I plan on reordering another what a great way to hold your drinks on a armchair saves from worrying if you spill it on your carpets etc


Absolute genius

2/16/2019 by Jennifer

Bought for friend that would sit and hold their drink on the arm of the chair. They absolutely loved it. Now chances of spills are obsolete.



2/15/2019 by Ricky

I tell you since I bought this for my wife it been no more spills around the house


Leaves an impression on leather over time

2/14/2019 by Robin

This is a fantastic cup holder. The center plastic ring lifts out to fit my mug in the most perfect way. It is made of silicone so it never slips off the sofa and holds the cup or bottle in place snuggly. The only caveat is that it leaves an impression on the arm of my leather recliner over time. It is weighted so I truly understand that it will do this to softer, finer leathers. I don’t care though. It functions too well to even take it off, I’m going to keep it right where it is for the life of my sofa. Heck, maybe even the next one too.


Awesome product

2/13/2019 by Kelly

I purchased for myself and as gifts. We all use them daily. Limited table options and these are perfect for having drinks close and secure.



2/13/2019 by Martha

This serves such a great purpose...great when you have little space for tables



2/8/2019 by Essie

I had got them for my husband and my son-in law saw them and I had to give him one, That's how much it was liked.


Couch Coaster

1/25/2019 by Virginia

Love it! Bought one as a gift & then bought one for me!

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The CouchCoaster Story

Achieve couch relaxation level 10.

Keep Drinks Close

Cars have had cup holders for ages—but what about a couch drink holder? Chances are, you put more miles on your sofa than the road.

CouchCoaster has your kicking-back-at-home beverage needs in mind. This adaptable drink holder drapes over the arm of your favorite place to sit. Its weighted sides keep your glass balanced and secure. Plus the design is flexible enough to fit over any width or shaped furniture arm—flat to curved, slim to wide.

Brit Barry Freeder had had enough of spilled drinks in his living room. Balancing them on the armrest or the floor was asking for trouble. But the coffee
table seemed just too far away. It’s a first world problem, for sure. But Barry’s first world solution is well made, well designed, and appropriately accessible without even sitting forward.

Whatever you’re drinking, and whatever is on the telly, with CouchCoaster you can settle in and relax.
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