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My dad loved it!

7/6/2020 by Heather

Was a Father’s Day gift and he absolutely loved it.


Better quality than expected

7/5/2020 by Bernie

I have been looking for this for a long time. I previously had a much more expensive version that did not work as well as this one. I was amazed that the quality of the product is better than I would have imagined based upon pictures on the web page. I love it and it has many more uses in addition to the peanut butter jar.


This Works

7/3/2020 by Pat

This is a good knife for not only peanut butter but anything in a jar. I can get under the top curve of the jar as well as most of the product from the bottom. I wish they made a smaller version to use with smaller jars.


My Grandmother's Granddaughter!

6/22/2020 by Linda

My Grandmother did not like waste and would even put a slice of bread in the empty mayonnaise to get the last drop out...she would have lover this knife as much as I do! My son-in-law eats PB&J sandwiches all the time so I gave him one in his Christmas package...he loves it!


Love it!

6/5/2020 by Suzanne

I looked at this PB knife multiple times.....and finally bought it for my husband.....we LOVE it....should have bought it at first viewing...it is practical....works great for PB and Mayo jars too. Now I need two more for the adult kids .....great kitchen addition



6/3/2020 by Terri

Love this knife! What a great product! Thank you!


For peanut butter lovers!

6/2/2020 by Mary Jayne

My grandson and I share the love of peanut butter. My son buys the large jars at Costco for him. One day when I was visiting him doing social distance, he was explaining to me that he was at the end of the big jar. He said he was having trouble getting everything out of the bottom, and then while doing that he was getting peanut butter on his knuckles from the rim of the jar. That night I was reading my emails and I always check out The Grommet as they have so many useful, interesting things. So I saw the Peanut Butter Knife and ordered it immediately. I decided to give my grandson the knife as he has been working hard and weathering this quarantine. Well, he was so excited and the next day he sent me a picture of him using it. It may be a small thing, but it is a way to share moments with my grandson, which us precious to me !


I like Jife for my Jif

6/2/2020 by Elaine

This long knife is ideal for the big containers of PB from places like Costco. Best part is you can lick the peanut butter off the knife without injuring your tongue since there's no serrated edge like on many butter knives. Good purchase.


Great kitchen utensil

5/19/2020 by Louis

This is a great kitchen utensil. The length and design is made for getting peanut butter, etc out of a container and for spreading on bread. Highly recommended.



5/19/2020 by Sylvia

Will never have leg over peanut butter!

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The PB-JIFE Story

PB-JIFE | Peanut Butter Knife

Every Last Bite

Fed up with sticky knuckles and wasted food, Maker Landon Christensen created this peanut butter knife to help solve a common kitchen problem: getting every last bit of deliciousness out of peanut butter jars. Yes, even the big ones.

Landon pulled from his art background along with his PB&J-making prowess as a dad to create the PB-JIFE. The long, stainless steel blade has a curved tip specially designed to reach into all the contours of a jar and scrape the bottom, sides, and rim. But PB-JIFE is not just for when the jar is almost done. The strong, extra-broad blade is sturdy enough to stir
peanut butter, natural nut butters, jams, thick oils, and other spreads, too. And it can deliver an ample portion to an eagerly awaiting sandwich with just one swipe. It’s one of the most helpful knives around—jar none. Read More Read Less