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For my grand daughter for V Day...

2/1/2020 by Wanda

Im sure she’ll love it...


Fast cleaning!

11/2/2019 by Holly

My son hates taking any time out of his day to bathe, but this little thing has really helped streamline his process and I can feel certain that every part of his body has had a thorough cleaning from the soft part to his face and body to using the bristles under he is nails and scrub shampoo into his hair.
It’s a win for him because if helps him save time
And a win from me because there’s no longer any whining. It just gets done.



6/26/2019 by Grammyof4

Great way to little ones to scrub under their finger nails.


Makes washing hands fun

4/6/2019 by Vera

Not only does it make washing hands more fun but it cleans them better too



3/18/2019 by kathy

Love these scrub bugs, but my grandchildren want to know....What kind of bug is it? I tell them a scrub bug and they reply yeah but what kind of bug is it. So cute! Great product.



3/18/2019 by kathy

Absolutely love these scrub bugs! Bought 2 for my grandchildren. They love the colors! They fit little hands perfect! Very creative. I'm sure I will be ordering more! Thank you Grommet!



2/13/2019 by Mike

Grandkids love them


Super cute

1/9/2019 by Celeste

This cute little bug will help my grandsons wash their hands and keep the "bugs" away! They loved it!


Scrub ‘um up

8/20/2018 by Jo

Grandson loves his, and I tried it myself, the little strands tickle but really clean, while the knobby end felt quite good to my arthritic hand, giving a gentle massage!


Make handwashing fun

7/27/2018 by Deb

My grandkids don't mind handwashing with this. In fact, the 5 year old has to have a time limit since she enjoys playing with this so much. They seem to hold up well.
Have given them as gifts too.

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