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Wonderful product!

7/5/2016 by Erica

I like this product! At first, I was sceptical about how well this product would work; and there wasn't a recipe for the beef cubes and fresh veggies to gage the timeframe of when the food would be ready. We waited thirty minutes for something to happen. Sure enough, I saw some steam coming out of the tube. When I pulled the tube out, I saw the food steaming, and I put the tray back. The food tasted really tasty, and the cubes were nice and juicy.


Very good product

6/21/2016 by Erica

When I first used the "go-sun", I wasn't sure if it was going to work because it didn't say how long it took for some food items. I prepared some beef stew chunks (I had to cut some of the chunks because they were too big), some mushrooms, onions and cherry tomatoes. The sun was at the hottest moment in the sky, and i started to see steam coming after 25 minutes. It was well worth the wait because the total time to cook was 35 minutes, and the stew came out nice and juicy. Way better than how it turned out on an electric grill.

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The GoSun Story

Odd shape. Fuel free. This oven is amazing.

Fuel-Free Cooking

Instead of using propane, gas, or charcoal, why not cook a meal with the sun? The GoSun solar cooker is a fuel-free, green way to cook—at the beach, while camping, or just in the backyard.

Inventor Patrick Sherwin is a solar energy expert. After disassembling a solar water heater, Patrick noticed the vacuum tubes were still hot enough to reheat his lunch. It inspired the idea for a solar oven.

GoSun uses an evacuated glass tube to absorb sunlight and convert it to heat. Just open the reflective panels and angle them toward the sun. It’s so efficient that you can even cook on a cloudy day, it
just requires a bit more time.

Cut food into small pieces to cook more quickly and better fit the tray. We suggest lining the tray with aluminum foil or parchment paper for easier cleanup, too, and using a fork or tongs to remove food. Even though the outer glass is cool to the touch, the inside can reach up to 550°F.

Take GoSun tailgating, on a picnic, or on a hike. All you need for a hot meal is a little sun.
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