Universal Charging Outlet Case of 12

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10/19/2018 by Gary

Use it every day


good value for older home

7/26/2018 by Judy

purchased for an old house with limited electrical outlets. works as described.


Space saver

12/28/2017 by Kristen

I got this as a gift for my brother. His kids have their devices scattered throughout the house and this gives him the added space to charge his phone while they charge theirs.


Norton is telling me not to access the site

7/12/2017 by Dr. Robyn

So far, so good. I really like this product. However, when I went to "activate" it, came up as a dangerous website. This should probably be checked into!


So convenient!!

5/6/2017 by Mary

I love this Universal charging unit. It makes recharging my devices so easy as it is all in one convenient spot yet doesn't prevent me from using the plugs as well.

Looks great, saves on cable connectors and is always easy to access. Will order more as gifts.


Loved mine so much I got one for my son-in-law!

1/13/2017 by dorothy

He is using it as we speak. Great device, and so convenient.



1/13/2017 by Susan

Every piece works perfectly; small adaptors included store snugly on back.
This concept was long overdue.
All hail the thingCHARGER!


Love this!

1/13/2017 by Lisa

I love this so much that after owning mine for awhile, I bought more for Christmas gifts. It is a great way of maximizing the outlet. When we have had visitors who had forgotten their chargers they were still able to by just plugging in their device. Original purchases came from the makers .



9/26/2016 by Janet

This product is a god send. cleans up the clutter and saves space. As advertised. Highly recommend. Bought two might buy more. Great present for people with multiple gadgets and charging cords all over the house.


Pretty cool thingy

9/16/2016 by LizP

This is a pretty cool, works just like it should. A little spendy but hey it's only money!

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The thingCHARGER Story

It’s like a gas station for all your gadgets.

Consolidate Power

thingCHARGER takes your average wall socket and turns it into a universal charging station. Slip it over your three-pronged plugs, and there’s no need to negotiate between your alarm, lamp, phone, and laptop.

Aside from two standard outlets, thingCHARGER has two built-in USB ports and a top that doubles as a charging dock for your phone or tablet. To use the dock, the included lightning and micro-USB tips let you power up Apple and other brands of devices. That comes in handy for friends and family with different digital allegiances.

Makers Amy and Seymour Segnit wanted high functionality with
minimalist—almost invisible—design. thingCHARGER helps cut back on cords, tidy up countertops, and consolidate your devices in one streamlined multitasker. Read More Read Less