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Cubii JR Under Desk Elliptical

Reviews (4.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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Office Pal

7/26/2019 by Michele

Quiet enough to use on endless conference calls!


Great Purchase

5/28/2019 by Tom

Very well made; easy to assemble (hardly any assembly); and exactly what I was hoping for. I am very pleased that I got it.



1/6/2019 by Stacy

I opened the box and though "uh-oh... assembly".... I thought "here we go! Another obstacle to being healthier!".... I was WRONG!! Did you know this comes with it's own screwdriver??? There were count 'em 4 screws!! SO EASY to set up... No excuses... no "well I can't find my screwdriver so I'll just eat a cupcake instead"... No!! If you have trouble the note in the box gives you the contact number for the company CEO. I love it!!

It's under my desk... OH!! AND THEY GIVE YOU FLOOR STOPS FOR YOUR CHAIR! These guys thought of everything... My first day and burned 381 calories when working on the computer... I also "cheated" and ate my dinner while using it. I mean, WHY NOT???

THANK YOU for a great product!!


Great little exercise device!

1/1/2019 by Leslie

This little unit does everything it’s advertised to do. Keeps my legs moving while I work. Smooth moving. I did have to raise my keyboard because I needed more room to cycle.


Love this Cubii

12/19/2018 by Leslie

My Cubii was easy to assemble, and works very well. It helps keep me active even though I sit for hours every day typing. My husband was negative about it when he first saw it, then he tried it, and asked me to order one for him!
It does move a bit after using it for a while: it angles, but does not move so much that I can’t use it.
I’m glad I bought it and think it is a good product.


Quality all the way around.

11/4/2018 by Chloe

This piece of equipment surpassed my expectations. From the VERY clear and readable instructions, to even including a scredriver for the minimal assembly required!

It is well made, sturdy, not flimsy in any way. I am recovering from knee injury/surgery, and this is good low-impact exercise that gets my blood moving without hurting my knee any more.

The low profile is great for using with chair while at table or desk. It is a bit heavy for me to take to work, so I use it at home. Even though a sturdy item, it doesn't take up a lot of space.


Great product!

5/22/2018 by Sheila

Love the low elliptical! It is easy to set up and easy to use.


Wonderful except...

11/5/2017 by Geri

The Cubii arrived and was easy to set up. I really like the smooth and quiet operation which makes it possible to keep pedaling and working at my desk. I would love a place to ask about replacing the digital tracker, which does not work. I have replaced the battery but it seems nearly impossible to get the tracker connected to the Cubii--it barely fits and doesn't seem to sit into the connecting module properly. That may be the problem.

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The Cubii Story

Pedal your way through meetings.

At-Work Exercise

Many of us are in a sitting rut at work, which we know isn’t a good thing. Cubii is an under desk elliptical machine that helps you stay moving, even when you’re seated.

The design is minimal and lightweight. Unlike a standing desk, Cubii weighs only about 25 pounds and has a low profile that fits easily under a desk—no bumping your knees while pedaling.

It’s quiet, too. The noise it makes is similar to white background noise, so it won’t interfere with phone calls or conversations. You can adjust the resistance to suit your fitness level. And Cubii has a companion app to track your progress,
check on calories burned, and sync your steps with fitness trackers like FitBit.

Cubii can help burn a few extra calories and keep you moving throughout the day.
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