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Cyber Clean

Germ-Eliminating Cleaning Compound Kit - Set of 3 Sample

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Reviews (3.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great blob

10/31/2019 by Barbara

Greatest and most effective way to clean cracks and areas to hard to reach. Great product.


This does the job

3/19/2019 by Jon

I ordered the one for computer keyboards, and it nicely picked up all of the gunk that settles between the keys. You press it onto the keyboard (the instructions say not to rub) and then when you pull up the compound, the gunk comes right up. You're not going to be able to remove the gunk from the compound, though. Eventually, you have to just replace it. It comes with a few replacement packages.



2/9/2019 by Mary Ruth

Great, using it at work on all the keyboards and the two phones in our department. Love the antibacterial properties as I work in a Radiology Department in a small rural hospital.



2/2/2019 by Patricia

This is the most satisfying cleaning item I own. What it can clean thoroughly in seconds would take hours with a cotton swab and then it still would not be completely clean. In fifteen minutes I cleaned five remotes, our push button phone, all the electronic buttons plus four ornate picture frames, two keyboards and a printer. Love it !


Great cleaner

12/17/2018 by Lisa

I hate the dust that accumulates in the car vents and dashboard. This takes care of it easily and quickly.


Seems to work as advertised.

11/18/2018 by Shirley

I have just used this once to try it out. It seems to work just as the video shows. I used it in my car just around the driver's side. Area looks good.


Exceeds expectations

10/29/2018 by Elizabeth

This product is really amazing. It made my car look brand new - better than several detailing jobs I have paid a lot more. It is particularly good for cleaning around the gear shaft, along seams and in cup holders. I am very pleased with this product!



5/27/2018 by Jo

Cleans my air conditioner well as car vents


fast and fun

5/22/2018 by Marie

I love how quickly and neatly it cleans the keyboards and the little grooves in the phones.


Awesome product!

5/16/2018 by Debbie

Had used something like this before but hadn't been able to find it again. Love thus for cleaning my phone and keyboard!

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The Cyber Clean Story

Cleaning with this putty is remarkably satisfying.

Squeeze to Clean

This clever, satisfying-to-use putty squeezes into difficult-to-reach areas, attracting dirt and getting rid of 99% of germs.

Clean the in-betweens of your keyboard, the corners of your dashboard, the buttons on your console, even your camera gear.

There are different formulas for different cleaning endeavors. There’s a Cyber Clean for electronics, keyboards, and the inside of cars (think: dashboards and cup holders), another gentler formula for plants, and one to keep your camera gear dust-free.

This putty also changes color to let you know when it’s ready to be replaced, and molds and
contorts like other cleaners can’t. Read More Read Less