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Hydrophobic Water & Stain Repellent Case of 32

8 Reviews

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I reordered this product..that how good it is!!


I run a family childcare in my home. I dread buying new furniture, knowing good and well its going to get destroyed. I try and have a normal looking home when my childcare closed and have adults come over and hang out.
My husband bought a beautiful light grey couch and I LOVE IT. But.... I was so stressed about my rug rats coming in with sand in there shoes, peanut butter and jelly, etc. This product has worked PERFECTLY!!!! So far so good my couch after 30 days looks beautiful. I do my do diligence everyday and wipe my kids hands off etc. and I have a crazy French Bull dog who runs all over my couch with wet paws. So far I wipe everything down and wamo done clean and NO SPOTS!!!
I give it a 10!!!




Bought Detra new easy spirit shoes are as new today as the day I bought them 5 months ago & I wear them constantly! Amazing product! It does exactly what they say... Next, I’m going to do my new area run in front of the sofa!


1 week and stool clean.


I am an ER Nurse. I sprayed a new pair of white asics.After one week still clean and white.


Best stuff ever!!!


My grandson used it on his white shoes...he had so much fun trying to get them wet or dirty!!! Lol! He said "that stuff you gave us is AWESOME!" I agree.


Great product!


I was able to use this product on fabric that wouldn't tolerate other water repellents! I thought I was out of luck until I found this!


It is good


So far it works great used it on a pair of sneakers it worked great.




I bought this as a gift for a sneaker wearer. I have not gotten any complaints so far


Did not work


We tried Detrapel on a new pair of shoes. After a couple of days, we tested it and it did not repel water at all. We followed the instructions though.

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The DetraPel Story

A water-repelling, dirt-fighting shield for clothes & boots.

Waterproof Spray

Keep your clothes, shoes, and bags like new with a Made in the USA, all-natural water repellent spray.

Its non-toxic, biodegradable, water-based formula was inspired by the lotus flower’s leaf. When it rains on this water plant, the water beads up and rolls right off. The folks at DetraPel incorporated this plant into their formula and combined it with other botanical, eco-friendly ingredients to get the same hydrophobic result.

The spray works on just about any porous material—from leather to carpet—protecting it from things like water, dirt, wine, and even glue. And once it’s applied, you
won’t even notice it (because it dries clear).

With just two coats, the material you’ve sprayed will have a water repellent, dirt-fighting layer of protection.
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