Hydrophobic Water & Stain Repellent Case of 32

The DetraPel Story

A water-repelling, dirt-fighting shield for clothes & boots.

Waterproof Spray

Keep your clothes, shoes, and bags like new with a Made in the USA, all-natural water repellent spray.

Its non-toxic, biodegradable, water-based formula was inspired by the lotus flower’s leaf. When it rains on this water plant, the water beads up and rolls right off. The folks at DetraPel incorporated this plant into their formula and combined it with other botanical, eco-friendly ingredients to get the same hydrophobic result.

The spray works on just about any porous material—from leather to carpet—protecting it from things like water, dirt, wine, and even glue. And once it’s applied, you
won’t even notice it (because it dries clear).

With just two coats, the material you’ve sprayed will have a water repellent, dirt-fighting layer of protection.
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