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di Potter

Wine Glass Shades Sample

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Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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not worth the expense

6/4/2015 by Connell

I found these to be nice enough but overpriced.These are lightweight paper shades. With a pattern, anyone could make these from printed or embossed paper and with a permanent seam rather than the unsatisfactory little tab and slot in these. They slip and the shade becomes unbalanced.


Big Disappointment!

12/23/2014 by Joan

It was a very high price for what is essentially six pieces of paper and not particularly heavy paper at that! I don't see them lasting very long. And it's very difficult to find glasses they work with, since smaller glasses usually have shorter stems.


Not so happy with them

12/9/2014 by Pamela

I was disappointed that the shades came flat; I think that should be in your description. They are not hard to put together with the tabs in the slots but I have had a couple that just would not stay so I had to glue the tabs. Also, it would be nice to have known the suggested size of the wine glass to use with them. I am still not happy with the sized glass that I had to use. However, I ordered the reds and the colors are very nice -- probably the best part of the product. I would put them in the "just okay" category.



5/21/2014 by James M.

I guess I was expecting a type of lap shade not six pieces of parchament that could be made into the lamp shades. This was not disclosed on the information sheet at the time I reviewed the product. I will use them, but will certainly think twice before ordering anything else from Grommet. I do find your prices high, however, you do have unusual items maybe not to be found in local retail stores.


I haven't been able to enjoy this product because I can't find the right size wine glass to fit.

12/12/2013 by maria

The pictures look great, but when I tried to put it together with my wine glasses they didn't fit right. You need a long stem glass where the cup isn't too wide for the shade to fit over...I even went out and bought wine glasses that I thought would fit and the stem wasn't tall didn't look right...the shade is too long for the glass and it looks bad. I'll have to try another wine glass and bring the shade with me to make sure it fits. I really like the concept but I wish it wouldn't be so difficult for me to make it look like the picture.



12/2/2013 by rosemarie

disappointed in the quality of item.. not what I thought it would be. seems cheap plastic.


over priced

7/25/2013 by Donna

These are cute but really, way over priced. I would not have purchased if I hadn't had the $10 welcome coupon. $12 is closer to what they should be sold for.



6/29/2013 by Hudsonrover

Pretty shades, but I don't remember anything in the preview that warns consumers that these should be used with re-chargeable electric tea-lights. I bought several to give as gifts, but nobody I know has sets of those re-chargeable lights.



6/1/2013 by Debbie

Want this for use with tea lights, hate those flame less ones


Not great

12/19/2019 by BARBARA

The item is difficult to attach together and you still see print on the shade ... Disappointed .....

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The di Potter Story

di Potter - Wine Glass Shades

Instant Ambiance

Lighting is a powerful tool when you want to set the mood of a room, but it’s not always easy to manipulate. Diahann Potter has devised a way to instantly create the setting you want—from festive and fun to romantic and relaxing.

After working in banking and technology, Diahann decided to pursue her passion and embark on a career in design, beginning with her studies in Switzerland. Fast forward to today, and Diahann is an interior designer with a line of home accessories, including her decorative wine-glass lamp shades. The paper toppers are shaped to fit over your own wine glasses. The
shades are rendered in modern, geometric prints that add a pop of color to the room.

Set electronic tea lights inside wine glasses and top with Diahann’s vibrant paper shades, and the whole vibe changes. It’s instant ambiance—and it’s easy, affordable, and safe.
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