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Love Love Love

10/22/2016 by Mandi

I have a medium size dog and a large dog and this soap is amazing!!!! So much easier washing them with this sponge than trying to hold onto them and grabbing a soap bottle. The sponge helps in scrubbing the pups too! The smell was amazing too! The dogs seemed to like it as well! I definitely recommend this! So glad I tried this!


Easiest healthiest way to wash a dog!

8/22/2016 by Marian

I have a golden retriever. I've used (and enjoyed) this to bath my dog for about 6-8 months. Makes the entire experience so much easier, the essential oils are a joy for the dog (who knew?) and everyone who comes in contact with her. After back surgery I've had limited range of motion while healing and am writing this to emphasize my appreciation for this ~ namely that there are two sides to this sponge/soap holder. Just wet the dog (I use a hose) and start at one end & work my way to the other cleaning and rinsing as I go for fun. My dog, Sophie, loves the smell (got the pink one) but am going for the citrus next (she's a calm breed so it might be refreshing while lavender might be calming). Anyway, just wanted to drop off some credits from a grateful customer. Thanks for a well thought out product (that lasts and lasts, by the way as the last one STILL is good after using it again yesterday).


Dog Fashion Spa Wash Sponge

2/12/2016 by Paula

When I received this Dog Sponge, I decided my Dog Daisy
needed to try this. She is does not run to the tub and jump in
like she loves it, I have to carry her. But once I did and got her all wet and started using the spa sponge Daisy relaxed and just stood and actually liked it. I rub her all over and she got so relaxed.
I then rinsed her and usually she wants to jump out, Daisy a a small chiyorky mix and can not get out herself but she just stood and looked at me and then looked at the sponge. I really think she wanted me to soap her up again. So I just took her out wiped her down and she took a nap. What a life. Maybe I'll try and find a spa soap for myself. It's a little pricey but Daisy is worth it. I got
the Lavender , next time I'll get another scent. I would recommend this for your dog by all means.



1/22/2016 by Joellyn

Easy to use, and it smells great!


Great "find" 5 stars!

1/9/2016 by Marian

We have a golden retriever who swims in our pool several times a day...enjoys rooting around in the backyard finding prizes (sticks, stones, palm fronds, digging in dirt then laying in it). Needless to say, I have to hose her off at the dock daily.
When she gets a shampoo she LOVES it when I make it with essential oils but it's time consuming and awkward to apply. Let me tell you, this makes the process fun, Much easier (it's the perfect size and shape for the hand gripping while holding the dog simultaneously ) . I use both the bumpy side and the smooth . It saves time, I have a happy clean dog who seems to enjoy this as well. I ordered on in pink but see they come in other colors (probably other scents) so I'll be trying them all. This is a well thought out product satisfying a nit-picky mom and pampered Golden. No cons (used several times).



9/25/2015 by Jean-Marc

Casper now smells like a rose lol!


Simplifies a tough job!

8/15/2015 by JACQUELYN

I love it! Not only does it make bathing my dogs easier it makes the job so much quicker. I also love the way my dogs hair feels after I use this on her. There is no need to add conditioner. I have recommended this to friends.


Smells great and gets the dog clean

5/13/2015 by Kelly

I used the orange scent on my beagle/lab mix. It lathered up well and I used less soap than I do using the usual dog shampoo. And my dog tolerated bath time better than normal. It also rinsed off better than dog shampoo.

I think it smells great, but once the dog figured out it wasn't food, he didn't care about the scent (but his favorite cologne is wild burro dung, so what does he know). The scent didn't linger on his coat.

The sponge did get full of dog hair and it felt fragile, but I'll wait and see how it holds up over time.


Perfectly crafted

5/10/2015 by Christine

Love this product. If you have a big dog it certainly makes it easier to bathe because you really need two hands when you have a restless one. My boxer tends to have very dry skin so we can't bathe him that often. With this product he feels softer and smell's better even two weeks after his bath. Thanks so much for introducing this product!


Game Changer

5/4/2015 by Christine

My bulldog HATES bath time and shivers through the entire experience but this product changed everything! The nubby sponge massaged her which relaxed her and the lavender soothed and calmed her. But the best part was not having to stop to grab the shampoo bottle while trying to stop her from jumping out while I did. My best Grommet purchase to date!

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The Dog Fashion Spa Story

Dog Fashion Spa - Soap-Infused Spounges

Better Bath Time

Listen up, pet parents. Dog bar soaps from Dog Fashion Spa take the dirty work out of washing your pets and leave them smelling terrific.

Each sturdy sponge comes infused with a mix of soap and essential oils, added by hand. Run it under warm water, and you’re ready to clean your dog. The sponge releases an even application of soap, so no more fumbling for bottles. You can keep two hands on your canine at all times.

Dog Fashion Spa carefully chooses a variety of all-natural oils that help restore shine to coats, soothe skin, repel pests… even give your pet a sense of calm. And they all smell
as nice as anything you’d encounter in a human spa. Plus, depending on the size of your pet, you could get two dozen uses before you need a new sponge.

Pampering meets practicality, and that’s good for you and your pet.
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