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Dog Fashion Spa - Soap-Infused Spounges

Better Bath Time

Listen up, pet parents. Dog bar soaps from Dog Fashion Spa take the dirty work out of washing your pets and leave them smelling terrific.

Each sturdy sponge comes infused with a mix of soap and essential oils, added by hand. Run it under warm water, and you’re ready to clean your dog. The sponge releases an even application of soap, so no more fumbling for bottles. You can keep two hands on your canine at all times.

Dog Fashion Spa carefully chooses a variety of all-natural oils that help restore shine to coats, soothe skin, repel pests… even give your pet a sense of calm. And they all smell
as nice as anything you’d encounter in a human spa. Plus, depending on the size of your pet, you could get two dozen uses before you need a new sponge.

Pampering meets practicality, and that’s good for you and your pet.
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