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The grass is greener!

3/24/2019 by Rebecca

Oh my goodness! They work great! Now the grass is greener on my side of the fence!!! Dog Rocks are perfect!


Wish I’d known about them sooner!

1/12/2019 by Sally

These are great!
We can always tell when the rocks wear out, and it’s usually longer than the package says! I always have the new set on hand and watch for the yellow spots to start, then replace the rocks. We use them all year, even in the snowy winter so the grass isn’t dead come spring.


It really works!

7/24/2016 by Sylvia

I have two
Golden Retrievers who have ruined my front yard. I started using the dog rocks in their water and am amazed at how quickly the grass
stopped turning yellow. Thank you.


great lawn saver

7/3/2016 by maria

Absolutely the best way to avoid all those yellow spots on my lawn. I have been using this system for the past year and so far its the best solution I have found!


Awesome product

4/29/2016 by Candida

I was a little skeptical when I first saw this product, but decided to give it a try. I have been using them for almost 5 months and there are no yellow spots in my yard anymore. In fact the grass looks great and looks like it did before the dogs. Love this product!


update from 5/25/2015

7/4/2015 by Lynn

I had initially given this product a "3" rating after using for three weeks. I was still seeing yellow spots on my lawn. It has been 6 weeks now and I am happy to say that I no longer see spots on my lawn!!

I have decided the price is fair in order to keep extra chemicals out of my dog and putting a product on her food.


excellent product

6/25/2015 by Maria

Absolutely the best way to keep my grass green! So easy to use! I have 2 dogs and my yard was looking terrible with so many discolored areas. Not anymore!! I would recommend this to anyone who has dogs.


Amazing! At how well this works!

10/23/2014 by Amy

So I got my first dog about a year ago and found shortly after getting her that i no longer had a good lush looking lawn!
For someone who is house proud and loves their garden this is terrible.
I tried everything to try and get my amazing lawn back.
Just as i was giving up hope my mother in law suggest i try dog rocks.
I never thought it would work but thought what have i got to lose?
So i gave them a try and i am so happy that i did!
After a few weeks of using them i was beginning to have my lawn back again!
It took just over a month and my lawn was back to normal!
I couldn't believe it actually worked! I was over joyed!

I now recommend dog rocks to anyone and everyone with the dogs!
Thank you so much Dog Rocks!



8/12/2014 by Lauren

I admit I was skeptical about the dog rocks the first time I ordered. But...they are amazing. Within a day I noticed no new dead patches in my lawn. I am going on my third summer using dog rocks and I couldn't be happier with my purchases!


The Grass IS Greener!

5/30/2015 by Julie

So far, so good! Started them in winter, as it says allow 5 weeks to be effective. On my 2nd set of rocks & my grass looks great...just a few small slightly burnt areas, likely from the lapse between Dog Rocks purchases.

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The Dog Rocks Story

Dog Rocks - Burn Patch Preventor

Greener Grass

Since the rise of the great American suburbs, a beautiful green lawn has been the mark of stability and character. Following its establishment in North America and Europe, the lawn appeared in Australia, where a naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rock is also found.

This igneous rock is used to make Dog Rocks, which has been helping families across UK and the rest of Europe—including most of the UK’s royal families—in keeping their lawns lush by preventing nasty yellow dog urine burn stains!

Dog Rocks are 100% natural and do not alter the pH urine balance of dogs in any way; they work by
removing any nitrates and tin found naturally in water, thereby providing your dog with a cleaner, healthier source of water supply. Simply rinse the Dog Rocks, place in your dog’s water bowl and replace every two months. Soon, Sparky won’t ruin your uniform, green lawn anymore—and you’ll have admiring neighbors! Read More Read Less