Messy Mutts

Double Silicone Feeder with Stainless Steel Bowls Case of 4

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Great dish

1/2/2018 by Jane E

I love is very tidy and easy to take along when visiting family. I got the large but I should probably have purchased the extra large size. My dog is 42 lbs. and the food dish is fine but the water bowl empties pretty quickly!


Very nice looking!

6/29/2017 by Judith

Our Yorkie is 12 & still has the habit of pawing his good & water dishes.

It's annoying, and water typically goes all,over the place. He recently stepped in the bowl, ugh!

But with this, I'm not so upset about spikes - they really do stay contained to the perimeter of dish.

I got blue. It's very pretty, like a torquoise.

Highly recommend.


Design is good...

5/3/2017 by Tracy

I think the design and concept are good. The problem is my pet... She likes to try to knock her bowls over. She thinks it's a game. So, I bought the XL and put weighted bowls inside the Messy Mutt bowls... The problem is she still attempts to knock it over and if she gets any crumbs from her dry food under the rubber - the entire mat will move around with ease and not stick in place on my hardwood floors.

Again - great product - I just have a difficult pet who likes to play with her food.


Cat uses.

2/10/2017 by Denise

Very useful, no mess on floors!


These are great!

12/20/2016 by Tyler

Perfect for our two small to medium size Dogs!


love it

11/25/2016 by Heather

Easy to clean & love the blue color. XL was perfect size for my Rottweiler, Trooper.


Works great!

9/28/2016 by Douglas

Looks and works as advertised.


Nicely made, simple and keeps my dogs drink area dry

6/21/2016 by joanne

Exactly as described. I got the extra large bowl and it was perfect for my 90lb Golden Retriever. He is a very messy drinker. I like the look of this system better than other neat feeding systems that I have tried.



2/15/2016 by Susan

Initially I thought this product was overpriced but decided to try it anyway. After receiving this a few weeks ago I say "where have you been all my life?!"
Such a great feeding station, as very well made and the design of the seamless silicone mat is perfect. The stainless steel feed bowls are high quality and fit beautifully into the mat bowl holders. The raised lip around the circumference of the mat holds the dripped water running off my dog's chinny chin chin so not all over the floor. A+!


Like a lot

1/9/2016 by Linda

Love it! Saving my wooden floor Splashes from drinking are much more contained. Cut down on my cleaning.

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The Messy Mutts Story

Messy Mutts - Pet Bowls & Accessories

Keep It Clean

Just because you have a pet (or two or three…) doesn’t mean your house has to look like it. Messy Mutts makes fashionable and functional petware that fits right in with your décor.

Founder Chris Shipton and his wife, Lauren, have two dogs—Daisy and Davis—who love the outdoors. They also love to bring the outdoors back inside with them and make more work for their humans.

Like many of us, Chris and Lauren feed their dogs in the kitchen. But after looking for stylish, practical food bowls for their dogs, Chris was disappointed in the selection. With 20+ years in the kitchen product industry,
Chris realized that petware should fit into your home as well as kitchenware. So he created Messy Mutts.

Their mess-catching, no-slip pet feeding stations look like something you’d eat out of, as Chris says. With Messy Mutts, living with your pets is much more fashionable.
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