Messy Mutts

Double Silicone Feeder with Stainless Steel Bowls Case of 4

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8/26/2015 by Rick

works well


Messy Mutts Feeder Bowl

8/25/2015 by Jane

I purchased the Gray Double Feeder Bowl and I really like it. The base that the bowls sit in is silicone and so the bowls don't travel around the kitchen as my dog eats from them. When he gets mad he kicks his water bowl and gets water all over, but not now. I fill the bowls 1/2 with water and when he kicks it doesn't tip over and if it does splash out, the base keeps it from getting on the floor. My dog is a Chihuahua and the bowls are the perfect size for him.


Very classy

8/25/2015 by Jennifer

I love this double feeder bowl. It looks so much nicer that having a mat under food bowls and it is easy to wipe/clean. I bought the gray color and it goes well in my kitchen.


Great Feeder!

8/25/2015 by Cindy

I actually bought this for my 2 cats. It is wonderful. It doesn't slip and dropped foot does not hit the floor!


Great feeding station!

8/25/2015 by Elizabeth

Has everything my cat need, cleans up easily and takes up very little room. It also stays put! The only thing I would want would be an extra bowl or two.


Rocklin, CA

8/25/2015 by Robert

Our new "Messy Mutts" double feeder bowl is absolutely terrific. It's doesn't slip on the floor, catches all the muzzle drips and is easy to clean. A truly great product for all who have pets who drip after drinking. We're very happy with our purchase and our cairn terrier seems to like it, too. Thanks.


For Messy Cats Too!

8/20/2015 by Jill

We have a couple cats who "eat with their mouths open" and in spite of them constantly looking around as they eat, this bowl set (we use as 2 food bowls for each cat) keeps 98 percent of their "wandering" food in place. Previously, we used a placemat, which caught less than half the spillage. Also, by using a separate water bowl nearby, this has reduced food in the water 100 percent. The silicon matt keeps the bowls from sliding around all over the kitchen too. I LOVE this product!


Wish I would have bought sooner

1/6/2018 by Susan

I have a large Black Lab that happens to be a very sloppy eater and drinker. Water and food were always everywhere around his bowl no matter what placemat or bowl i bought. This contains the water, making my floor much cleaner and dryer.


Keep it all in one area

9/26/2017 by Kim

I bought these as extra overnight water bowls for my two Saint Bernards which, as you can imagine, are a bit"messy" when they drink. When I saw the picture of them I expected that they were deeper than they are but they are a great addition to the drinking station. They keep most of the water contained and are very nice bowls for the smaller dogs that I furball sit for. Once it has gathered enough water you can either sop it up or just remove the bowls and carry the silicone water/food catcher to the sink and rinse it, and put it back down. Would be a great feeder for puppies as the sides are shallow and the bowls are large enough for maximum bowl space for puppies eating their first meals. Very easy cleanup and looks very nice sitting out- will probably get a couple more to put out around the house I just wish they were a little larger (deeper).


Very nice

1/24/2017 by Lisa

I should have ordered largest size. Our girl is kinda sloppy.

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The Messy Mutts Story

Messy Mutts - Pet Bowls & Accessories

Keep It Clean

Just because you have a pet (or two or three…) doesn’t mean your house has to look like it. Messy Mutts makes fashionable and functional petware that fits right in with your décor.

Founder Chris Shipton and his wife, Lauren, have two dogs—Daisy and Davis—who love the outdoors. They also love to bring the outdoors back inside with them and make more work for their humans.

Like many of us, Chris and Lauren feed their dogs in the kitchen. But after looking for stylish, practical food bowls for their dogs, Chris was disappointed in the selection. With 20+ years in the kitchen product industry,
Chris realized that petware should fit into your home as well as kitchenware. So he created Messy Mutts.

Their mess-catching, no-slip pet feeding stations look like something you’d eat out of, as Chris says. With Messy Mutts, living with your pets is much more fashionable.
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