Messy Mutts

Double Silicone Feeder with Stainless Steel Bowls Case of 4

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Too small.

9/2/2015 by Christine

Great idea! However, it is meant for medium size dogs - not my Labrador Retriever. Wish it came in a larger size.


great idea

8/26/2015 by Nicolette

Bowls are great, but mat makes it hard to keep clean.


messy muts

8/25/2015 by Deb

Loved the set up of the bowls, just much smaller than I thought it would be. So now I ordered the Extra Large....


Dog feeder

8/23/2015 by William

Product look good...much better than having bowls sitting on paper or old place mat.
Down side is that the size of the bowls are, to me, are miss leading. I have a 15lb. pup so I opted for the large wanting something a little larger...however, it's anything but large. Should have gone for the XL size...but it;s my fault I didn't check out better the size that was advertised.

Overall I like the product, and my wife likes it because it contains the mess.


Messy Mutt

8/25/2015 by Deborah

We like this item very much. I have to say, however, the Large bowl is not very large. In fact it is rather small, and this is somewhat disappointing... The concept is wonderful, however.


The problem is the mat

7/20/2020 by Joe

The mat gets too dirty, and is not easy to clean especially if you have hard water.


Silcone Mat too small for messy dog

4/24/2019 by Lori

My dog is a 55 pound mutt. I bought the large bowls -- but the mat is too small to be helpful. I thought I would replace the boot try under his bowls with this, but instead I've put it in the basement. I will give it to someone with a cat a smaller dog -- would return it, but with shipping it's not worth it.



12/21/2018 by Denise

Dog chewed this up in less than 2 days. Just have bowls left.


Still dumping & dragging

10/6/2018 by S

I was very hopeful that this feeder bowl would finally stop my miniature schnauzer from dumping her food. Luckily I tested it with food on both sides first. It is a tiny bit more difficult for her to grab the edge in her teeth to dump, but my baby seems to thoroughly enjoy the challenge. I guess it is worth a try as others seem to have had success, but it is definitely not foolproof!


Nope, doesn't help my mess!

1/2/2018 by Suzanne

Talk about disappointing! This may work for some dogs, but it doesn't help with mine. I was so excited I had finally found something that would stop my miniature schnauzer from pushing and snortling her bowl across the floor - spilling it as she went. I was previously using a bowl with a rubber o-ring on the bottom set on carpet. I was sure this dog feeder would solve my problem - especially when I held I in my hand. It feels like it would be hard to push across carpet. Well, for my dog, it isn't hard at all. She just continues her pushing and snortling both bowls spilling as she goes. Luckily I am using the bowls both for food as I have 2 dogs. If it was water, it would be worse. Oddly she doesn't spill her water..... My hunt goes on....

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The Messy Mutts Story

Messy Mutts - Pet Bowls & Accessories

Keep It Clean

Just because you have a pet (or two or three…) doesn’t mean your house has to look like it. Messy Mutts makes fashionable and functional petware that fits right in with your décor.

Founder Chris Shipton and his wife, Lauren, have two dogs—Daisy and Davis—who love the outdoors. They also love to bring the outdoors back inside with them and make more work for their humans.

Like many of us, Chris and Lauren feed their dogs in the kitchen. But after looking for stylish, practical food bowls for their dogs, Chris was disappointed in the selection. With 20+ years in the kitchen product industry,
Chris realized that petware should fit into your home as well as kitchenware. So he created Messy Mutts.

Their mess-catching, no-slip pet feeding stations look like something you’d eat out of, as Chris says. With Messy Mutts, living with your pets is much more fashionable.
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