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Whisker Relief Food Bowl Sample

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Great idea

6/30/2020 by FrancesLouise

The concept of this bowl is terrific. I tested it with my cats and it's true. Their long whiskers do not get tweaked while eating their food. It is a little pricey but worth it.


Cat bowl

3/10/2020 by Margaret H

My experience was great.


Cat Loves It!

2/26/2020 by Lillie

Best wet cat food bowl ever! I mean ever! My cat now eats all of his serving I feed him.
Wish it was a little cheaper, but worth the cost!


Food bowl

10/31/2019 by Hedy

High quality food bowl. The kittens prefer this dish over others.


Cat loves it

6/26/2019 by Debra

She finishes more out of this bowl.



6/12/2019 by Cate

We got this for one of our kitties (age 16) who was struggling to eat. She enjoyed it for almost 2 years; ate more each feeding, seemed to be enjoying eating again. After she passed (old age happens!), we gave it to the next-oldest and he loves it, too (he's 14 now)! The food stays in the dish!
We're going to try to give it to the next-oldest (6) because he's getting chin acne (we suspect from rubbing against the back of the small deep bowl he has). We'll have to see how he does.
But of course the 14-year-old eats less when he uses one of the small bowls. *sigh* I guess we'll have to get another one (sarcasm: gee, darn) if the acne clears up, so we have one for the oldest AND one for the one with acne.
I'm looking forward to it, actually.
We tried several types of bowls many years ago, and this is by far my favorite one: easier to clean, less noise, doesn't need a stand to keep it from moving on the tile floor or any bare surface.


Nice product

5/23/2019 by Kelly

My cat seems to really like this dish. When he is eating dry food, it can be a little noisy but I can tell he is using the dish like an utensil. He seems to be able to get at all the food including the crumbs.


Do Cats Really Care?

4/24/2019 by Kathy

Well, the cats may not care, but I do love the fact that they no longer just push the food into the corners of the bowl and then demand more because the middle is empty!

I can't say if "whisker fatigue" is really a thing, but I very much like the design of the bowl. The curves make it easier for them to finish all their food, and while occasionally they "chase" it over the edge, the bowls are also extremely easy to clean! The skid-proof rubber bottom is separate (which I didn't realize at first), and both pieces clean quick and easy. I'm very happy with these and will probably end up getting a couple more, so we have spares.


Second Time Buying These Great Bowls

2/17/2019 by Lauren

I purchased of these bowls in summer of 2016 for my two indoor cats. It made a huge difference in their food intake and well being. Sadly one of my kitties passed away suddenly but the other one who had struggled to gain weight has done so much better since eating from these bowls. I now have one stray cat that I have been feeding both dry and wet food for a couple of years. I noticed that his food intake had decreased so I decided to buy two more of these bowls - one for dry food and one for the canned food. He is eating much more of his food. I cannot leave food out overnight due to roaming racoons so I want to make sure my outside friend gets a good meal. These bowls once again have made a difference at my house.


Kitty loves these

2/14/2019 by Nicolette

He eats more of his food in these bowls and they are so easy to clean.

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The Dr. Catsby's Story

Why do cats throw food on the floor?

Catering to Cats

Cat food bowls often aren’t designed with cats in mind. Co-Founder Loren Kulesus discovered this when his own cat left food uneaten.

Hunger strikes, scooping food out of the bowl, and acting up are all signs of whisker fatigue. That’s a real condition for our feline friends, whose ultra-sensitive whiskers can get over-stimulated. It’s painful for cats and stresses them out. And in most whisker fatigue cases, repeatedly bumping whiskers on a food bowl’s sides is the prime suspect.

So Loren and Co-Founder Erik Strom created their own bowl. Their sleek, stainless steel design has a shallow curve
that piles food up in the center, and it sits on a non-skid mat for extra stability. When testing it out, they found that cats treated the bowl like a utensil, using the slope to nudge food into their mouths. (Cats are quite clever, after all.)

With no more whisker fatigue, Mr. Fluffles will be feeling stress-free and well fed, and that will make both of you happier.
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